Tiebreaker Poll -- March 2017 Writing Challenge -- DAVID EVIL OVERLORD WINS!

Tiebreaker Poll -- March 2017 Writing Challenge

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Aug 7, 2007
We have a two-way tie.

The stories still in contention:

The Alien Will See You Now, Sir. by mosaix

"You want to work for us? Doing what?"

"Saving you."

"From what?"

"From us. From humans. You should leave – now."

A wry smile. "You are so dangerous?"

"Oh yes. More dangerous than you can imagine."

"But we have conquered half the galaxy."

"Have you slaughtered your own kind?"

"Our own kind?"

"Nailed them to crosses?"


"Burnt them alive?"


"Shot, gassed and incinerated millions?"

"Stop, stop. I had no idea! When can you start?".​

Little Wonder by DavidEvilOverlord

"I work all day,” said the superhero. “You can’t even make dinner?”

She ticked off tasks on her fingers. "Weekly groceries? Done. Washing? Done. Ironing? Done. Children to and from kindergarten? Done? Supervillain? Fridged. Dinner? No.”



“No, before that.”





“Overkill. Frying pan to the face, carving knives everywhere else, into the fridge.”

“So, no dinner?”

“Not unless you’re taking me to dinner. I’m not Wonder Woman.”​

The usual rules apply:
Any member of the Chrons can cast a vote

Each member may cast one vote only
You may not vote for yourself

The winner of the poll will choose the theme and genre for March
The poll will close at 11:59pm GMT on March 30 2017

Please note -- this is an open poll. Everyone will be able to see which story you voted for.
This thread is to be used for voting only. Please keep comments on the stories for the Discussion thread. Any comments posted here will be removed.​

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