The Event - The Survivors Book One By Nathan Hystad out March 2nd


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Jul 24, 2008
My debut novel is out March 2nd! It's being released for just $0.99 for the presale and launch week.

I am excited to be releasing it finally, and I held back so I could have most of the series done. I wanted to release the books one month after each other. Book two is completely done, editing, covers, formats, and is out April 2nd. Book three is nearing 30k now. So if you enjoy, you won't have to wait long for them.

As I stated on FB today, thanks to all the beta readers, many from here (Mouse, Juliana, Parson), and doubly to @Parson for being the one to read my 75 word story 3 years ago (or whenever it was) and comment it would be a cool idea for a book. I did just that... and now it's a series of books.​

If anyone from Chrons wants a free copy, shoot me a PM or email me at and I'll email it over. Otherwise, if you want to spend the 0.99 and support the book that way, I'll take that too :)


The ships came at dawn.

Dean’s wife is dead. Her last words: When the ships come...wear the necklace.

Then the ships arrived.

Cities all around the world reported strange alien vessels descending. Some saw them as the heralds of a new age; others fired everything they had at them. All were taken as the beams lashed down and drew them into the sky.

Dean was left behind, seemingly the last man on Earth.

A trail of clues left by his dead wife guide Dean on a perilous journey across America and beyond, to learn the truth behind the mysterious ships and save humanity from its doom.

But not everything is as it seems.

The Event is the epic first novel by Nathan Hystad, creator of the bestselling Explorations anthology series.

The sequel New Threat: The Survivors Book Two is out April 2nd

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Can I do what I did for Dan and get a freebie to get an early review in (Goodreads only these days - Amazon are pulling so many I don’t want to get you guys in trouble if they think we’re gaming things) and then I’ll go buy the book when released too :)
This is an awesome book. I love the vibe of an ordinary person thrust into extroidinary circumstances. Lots of neat plot twists and an MC you can really get behind.
Missed this post, but of course I will buy it! It sounds exactly the kind of thing I love. Can't wait to read it.
The Event.

This story starts as a gentle, almost wistful tale of loss for Dean, the main character. His wife is gone – passing away to a mysterious illness.

Then the ships arrive. Thousands of alien vessels. And suddenly, every person in the world had disappeared – taken by the aliens. Except, strangely, Dean.

Dean is faced with a seemingly abandoned world, something which to the heart-broken Dean, isn’t entirely unwelcome.

But a series of clues from his dead wife begin him on a journey which crosses continents and extends into space beyond. He finds new allies, and twists and turns as he discovers the true nature of the mysterious threat above.

This story starts almost gently. Full of yearning and heartbreak. Dean is damaged and lost. The desire for what his life should look like realistic and tangible, and shared by many of us. But it is ruthlessly torn away. But then his journey really begins. This is one of those books where it is very difficult to give meaningful details, as to do so would be spoilers – but rest assured, the ‘quest’ he finds himself on is both epic, yet grounded in reality as he visits many locations which would be familiar to a reader.

The action is compelling, and exciting. Again, not too many details on what this look like. But needless to say, for an action fan, or even a space opera ‘pew pew pew’ fan there is more than enough to get your chops into.

Production values are excellent. Nathan Hystad belongs to the new wave of professional Self Published Authors, and this is a top grade book.

I whole-heartedly recommend this book. And heart is a good word to use. There are very few books which have this much in them.

And even better, book two is only a month away!
Just bought this, looking forward to reading it next!
Congrats, Ratsy, and best of luck.

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