nathan hystad

  1. Brian G Turner

    Review: The Event by Nathan Hystad

    The first time I picked up this book I got through a couple of pages, and put it down unsatisfied - I like to see specifics in a story to help it seem real, and it bugged me that some of these were missing, not least that the town where the story begins wasn't named. However, a couple of weeks...
  2. ratsy

    The Survivors Series - Nathan Hystad

    It's an exciting week for me! I have released the 3rd book in the Survivors series! To celebrate, I have books one and two for just $0.99 each If you haven't tried them yet, now's the time. The Event $0.99 everywhere New Threat $0.99 US and UK New World It's been a whirlwind of a few...
  3. ratsy

    Red Creek - A Horror Novel by Nathan Hystad is out May 18th!

    Hey everyone! I'm working hard at my Survivors series, and somehow after 2.5 months, The Event still has a best-seller tag on it in the US, which has motivated me to write more books in the series. Book 3 is out in 2 weeks, but in the mean time, I'm releasing 'Red Creek' this Friday. The...
  4. ratsy

    From 75 words to an Amazon Best-seller

    I just wanted to share this story with all of you. We take part in these fun challenges month after month, and use it as a way to have fun, hone our skills, and work on ideas. I'd been doing the challenges for a few years when I wrote one in June 2015. The theme was Arrival - Science Fiction...
  5. ratsy

    The Event - The Survivors Book One By Nathan Hystad out March 2nd

    My debut novel is out March 2nd! It's being released for just $0.99 for the presale and launch week. I am excited to be releasing it finally, and I held back so I could have most of the series done. I wanted to release the books one month after each other. Book two is completely done, editing...
  6. ratsy

    New Explorations now out!

    Explorations Colony is now out, and just $0.99 this week. It features so many amazing indie and trad SF authors, and I'm so proud of this book. It follows the plot of First Contact, and War, but you don't need to have read them to enjoy the book. It was really something for all of these...
  7. ratsy

    Explorations: Colony

    Explorations Colony is coming out in less than 2 weeks! If anyone is interested in an ARC I have the mobi file ready to send. Email me at This is the 4th Explorations, and I can't believe it's been just over a year since the first one came out. I will be taking a pause...
  8. ratsy

    Explorations War is out!

    Explorations War is now out, and is only 0.99 for another week The battle for Sol is now The sphere ship gave Earth knowledge of the universe, but it came with a warning to stay away from the Star. After losing two children to the First Contact Federation, Empyrean sends a fleet of plasma...
  9. ratsy

    Explorations: War

    We continue the Explorations with a new collection, out August 6th! NEW RELEASE PRICE 0.99 The battle for Sol is now The sphere ship gave Earth knowledge of the universe, but it came with a warning to stay away from the Star. After losing two children to the First Contact Federation, Empyrean...
  10. ratsy

    The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel Sale

    For the first time since December, The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel is on in the US and the UK for 0.99 for a few days. It has @TheDustyZebra @Phyrebrat @thaddeus6th @Dan Jones @Venusian Broon @Victoria Silverwolf @Hex and @Mouse along with some other great authors! “A pleasantly eerie...
  11. ratsy

    Woodbridge Press upcoming books

    Hello everyone. I know it's been quiet since we released 3 books at the start of the year. I've been working on a couple projects, and am actually done edits on my own first novel, The Event, and plugging away at its sequel now. I've also completed a first draft of a paranormal thriller. I...
  12. ratsy

    Two Explorations for 0.99!

    Explorations: First Contact is on sale this week for only 0.99 in the US and UK. Also sign up for the SciFiExplorations Newsletter and get Explorations: Through the Wormhole for free. Two awesome collections for only 0.99! Amazon US Amazon UK It had the BestSeller...
  13. ratsy

    Explorations: Through the Wormhole Audio Review Copies

    Any one have an Audible account and want a copy of Through the Wormhole? If you are interested let me know, and I can gift a copy over. I have US and UK codes. I would love to get a few more ratings. Lots of Chrons members in audio! Check it out here
  14. ratsy

    Journeys is now available!

    I started inviting authors to Journeys about 13-14 months ago. Some stories I received back in a couple months, and other invited authors had strict deadlines, so we ended up with an October deadline. I was being emailed shorts from many of my favorite fantasy authors, and it was something...
  15. ratsy

    Explorations: First Contact

    Hey everyone! First Contact is out now. It features a few chronners: Ralph Kern, Quellist, and Droflet, along with some other major talent in the SF world. A great place to try some new authors! I'm really happy with the way this book turned out, and hope anyone who tries it, enjoys it. Amazon
  16. ratsy

    Explorations Series Sale

    The first book in the Explorations series is now only 0.99 for the week! The promo is in the US and UK only, but if you haven't given it a try, there are loads of good stories in it, and a lot of Chrons authors in there too! Explorations: Through the Wormhole Of course, this coincides with...
  17. ratsy

    Audio Book Giveaway!

    Explorations: Through the Wormhole audio book is now out! To celebrate, we at SciFiExplorations are going to be giving 4 copies away to a few lucky subscribers of our newsletter. Sign-up by February 15th to be entered into the draw. As a bonus Scott Moon has offered up 2 copies of his audio...
  18. ratsy

    Journeys Cover Reveal

    Journeys is out February 15th! This cover is one of my favourites I've had the pleasure of dealing with. It is Tom Edwards, who did both Explorations books and did the font work for Heart Blade. He is so talented. This blew my mind when I saw it. I asked for a valley, two suns, birds, three...
  19. ratsy

    Explorations: Through the Wormhole Audio out now!

    Explorations: Through the Wormhole audio book is now available on Amazon and Audible. It should be linking to the book soon, but for now, here are the links for anyone interested. Great job by Keith Michaelson. It sounds so good! Amazon Audible
  20. ratsy

    Explorations: First Contact Cover Reveal!

    Here is the cover reveal for Explorations: First Contact, coming out January 30th, 2017 I am formatting the paperback and ebook next week! I have to say, this collection is amazing, and I am excited to get this out there. The official cover reveal was done on Thursday Night Live with Josh...