The Wrath of Angels, by John Connolly

Anthony G Williams

Apr 18, 2007
Charlie Parker is a private detective working in the north-eastern corner of the USA, who is drawn into conflict with some decidedly inhuman beings over the wreck of a plane found in remote forest. The story is original and well-written with good character development, but my enjoyment was reduced by two things. First, it is the eleventh book in a series so there is a lot of backstory I missed, and the series continues afterwards so this novel doesn't wrap everything up either. Secondly, it is a rather unpleasant story with strong horror elements and without any humour or appealing characters to lighten the mood. Not to my taste.
Wrath is a particularly grim book in the series. Connolly uses the supernatural quite a lot in his storytelling. His book of short stories is excellent.

A pity it is not to your taste because the Charlie Parker series is one of the best out there.

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