The Jack Vance thread


Oct 20, 2014
Holland Michigan USA
I have the complete VIE, even contributed to the effort as one of the worker bees. My personal favorites are: 1) The Demon Princes, read seven times; 2) the two Cugel sequels to the original Dying Earth; 3) Emphyrio. With the author's permission I enjoy to translate his works into Esperanto for free distribution as e-books. The former Editor-in-Chief of the VIE, Paul Rhoads has contributed cover art for some of them.

That my project is authorized you may check by seeing that is linked to directly from where you can buy the VIE versions in English as ebooks. If you also know Esperanto (or are just a completist collector) you may download my own humble translations here:

If you're an artist and would like to contribute illustrations, both the English and Esperanto websites would welcome them very kindly.

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