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  1. J

    Review: Jack Vance—The Book of Dreams

    Not a bad conclusion to the series, pretty much on par with the previous four. The bad guy in this one is Howard Alan Treesong, and he sort of resembles Viole Falushe from the third novel, because he is given a fairly detailed and particular backstory. The first two Demon Princes were provided...
  2. J

    Review: Jack Vance - The Face

    Contemporaneous fans of the series may have been somewhat miffed that there was a twelve year gap between the last installment (The Palace of Love, 1967) and this one (1979). However, their patience would’ve been rewarded by a nifty little potboiler in what I am rapidly coming to see is the...
  3. J

    Review: Jack Vance - The Palace of Love

    Now this is more like it! The superiority of this third installment in the Demon Princes series provides a perfect illustration of what was defective in the first two. It struck me in the first two novels that our hero plays an oddly passive role. He’s an interplanetary avenger who is hunting...
  4. J

    Star King by Jack Vance

    The first in a five novel epic of interplanetary revenge, Star King has several flaws but also many virtues. The premise is pulp simplicity itself: the inhabitants of our hero’s home world were carried away in slavery, and now he must find and destroy the five Demon Princes responsible...
  5. B

    Who Do You Think is Greater, Gene Wolfe or Jack Vance?

    Jack Vance who gave us the Dying Earth Book , The Demon Prince novels ect ect or Gene Wolfe who gave us the book of the Ne sun series , . The Knight and The Wizard duelolgy , The Latro trilogy ect ect which of the town...
  6. Werthead

    The Lyonesse Trilogy by Jack Vance

    Book I: Suldrun's Garden
  7. Emphyricist

    Warren Zevon and Jack Vance (and other analogies between musicians and SF&F writers)

    In another thread I compared Jack Vance to Gilbert and Sullivan (and Archer) because both combine high culture and low humor, write manic, topsy-turvy plots, and there isn't really anything quite like either. However I think that there might be at least as much of an analogy with Warren Zevon...
  8. Emphyricist

    Why has Jack Vance never been adapted?

    Something that I've wondered about pretty much since I discovered him, is why Jack Vance has never, as far as I'm aware, been adapted for movies or television. Not that I mind the lack for my own sake—his work is perfect as it is—but Phillip K. Dick was a second-tier writer until studios began...
  9. Inari Writer

    Jack Vance; fantasy footnote or literary titan?

    Hi all. Have you heard of Jack Vance? I recently ran a game of Kerberos Club at my local RPG club and imported a character from Jack Vance's Dying Earth to serve as a suitably powerful villain - Chun the Unavoidable. Though surrounded by roleplayers with an interest in fantasy, sci-fi or both...
  10. Aplonis

    The Jack Vance thread

    I have the complete VIE, even contributed to the effort as one of the worker bees. My personal favorites are: 1) The Demon Princes, read seven times; 2) the two Cugel sequels to the original Dying Earth; 3) Emphyrio. With the author's permission I enjoy to translate his works into Esperanto for...
  11. J

    Books like those by Jack Vance.

    Everybody reading this should go over to the thread by JSun if you know anyone like Susan Cooper. I don't want to upstage anyone. I am specifically talking about books like The Demon Princes, or the Planet of Adventure quintologies. The rest of Vance's work is great, but those are my...
  12. J-WO

    Jack Vance, RIP

    After a long and glorious, game-changing career, author Jack Vance has passed away: http://www.jackvance.com/ I'm sure there's people here who loved the guy's work. Here's to Jack.
  13. J

    Jack Vance article in NYT

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/19/magazine/19Vance-t.html?pagewanted=all&_moc.semityn.www I hope I'm not doing anything wrong by giving this it's own thread. I stumbled upon it and just found it so absolutely right in all respects. Perhaps some of us could contribute our own feelings and one...
  14. J

    Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure

    Has anyone else ever read this? I ran across an old copy of The Dirdir just recently and remember reading, The Pnume, years ago. I just ordered the full thing from Amazon I remember Pnume had probably the strangest style of writing I had ever read, and it made me a fan of Vance's forever. I...
  15. Anthony G Williams

    The Languages of Pao, by Jack Vance

    I remembered this one from decades ago (it was first published in 1957, and my copy is dated 1974), and picked it up again because it focuses on a subject which is still fascinating today: the relationship between language and behaviour. In The Languages of Pao, humanity has spread beyond the...
  16. Coragem

    Jack Vance (where shall I begin?)

    Hi there: Lately I keep hearing good, better-than-good things about Jack Vance. For example: http://www.fantasyliterature.com/vancejack.html Please could you advise me in terms of where I should begin with his work? As for what I like, I'd say strong characters, a believable...
  17. Aillas

    The Jack Vance thread

    Anyone here like Jack Vance? If so, which Vance series and stand-alone books do you like best? I just started reading his books and am becoming very fond of them. The Lyonesse Trilogy is brilliant. My user-name is actually taken from the main protagonist of that series! I'm currently waiting...
  18. Anthony G Williams

    The Dragon Masters by Jack Vance

    Jack Vance was one of the giants of my early SFF reading and is still around today. His last novel (to date) was published in 2004, some 54 years after the first. In between came some forty SFF novels, plus novellas and some mystery stories. He won several major awards, one of them - the Hugo in...
  19. Connavar

    New Jack Vance collection by Subterranean Press!

    Hard Luck Diggings: The Early Jack Vance Vance, Hard Luck Diggings (preorder): Subterranean Press Anyone else interested in this ?