4.04: Brotherhood


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Dec 28, 2000
Manchester, UK
Reese's cover job as a detective at the NYPD becomes complicated when the young brother and sister he's protecting become targets of a gang investigation.

So the leader of the "Brotherhood" (most unimaginative name for a gang that appears to be all black members!) pulls an Elias to slip through the Machine gang's grasps....

Speaking of, it was great to see the scenes between Finch and Elias on the subway.
Anyone think there are a few too many double crosses and incognito characters for it to be believable?

I didn't see the DEA agent two-timing. It didn't make sense because if she cared enough to give the girl her mobile phone to play with then surely she would care whether she was going to be murdered?

And to get the mother out of prison surely the boy has to be taken from her? If not, then why did she lie anyway? Whatever the outcome, they can't play happy families the way that was promoted with the boy becoming either a lawyer or a policeman. Much more likely that he will join the brotherhood.
I may have to re-watch the scene but did she give her phone to the kid with some intent of tracking her or having her use the phone in a traceable way?

But yeah even for POI standards there was a lot of double-crossing this week! I suppose it was telegraphed when her and Reece/Riley both background checked each other early on. These two think alike, so maybe we should have seen that both of them had a secret agenda, not just Reece...

Oh, and was this a second week of camera shots from "the Machine'" POV rather than Samaritan? The threat to movement seems to have been well and truly squashed with the new identities and secret phone network. Would Samaritan not realise that there are people talking on phones that it can't listen in on? Or at least it should be able to hear what they're saying via other audio sources nearby?

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