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Raiders of the Lost ZPM

Raiders of the Lost ZPM!

Probably in my top three episodes!

A secret Brotherhood has been hiding a ZPM until the Lanteans return to reclaim it. Only the Wraiths came and harvested the 15 members of the Brotherhood, so that the secret was lost unless 9 stones can be found and pieced togther in the correct order.

Using one of the Gate addresses given by the 10,000 year old Weir, the team discover and research the Brotherhood with the help of local historians on the planet Dagan. The ZPM is the legendary object the Daganians call the Potentia. One woman in particular, Allina, takes a liking to Dr. McKay, although Rodney is completely oblivious to her flirtation, until his teammates point out that she has a thing for him.

Another woman, Sanir does not trust the Atlantis team and alerts the Genii of their presence.

Meanwhile, Wraith hive ships are on their way to Atlantis. Dr. Zelenka discovers that Atlantis has long range deep space sensors which suddenly turn on. A Wraith Dart Scout comes on ahead and scans the city. Since Shepherd is away, Dr Beckett has to pilot one of the three 'Puddle Jumpers' (more Star Trek homage - "I'm a Doctor not a bloody fighter pilot").

Note 1: One more 'jumper' is lost so there should now be only two left.
Note 2: Including Shepherd and Dr Beckett there must be only four people with the Ancient genes on Atlantis, Stackhouse and Markham (now deceased.) About time to give the gene therapy to more pilots!

Acastus Koyla and the Genii, turn up and force the team to unearth the ZPM for them, even though they would be unable to use it.

Shepard: "Have you heard the term two heads are better than one?"
McKay: "It's a common misconception."

Note 3: To the Genii we are Terrorists.
Note 4: Sora is still a prisoner.
Note 5: Major John Sheppard has a high enough IQ to be a member of Mensa. He has taken the test, but desided not to join.

They uncover the ZPM, and knock out the Genii with an explosion.

Shepard: "Sorry Rodney, I had no way to tell you what was coming."
McKay: "But my eyes? I need my eyes for seeing!"
Shepard: "Get the ZPM Rodney."
McKay: "It's a small miracle that I can still make out shade, that's all I'm saying."

But they discover that Allina is head of a bunch of religious zealots who want to re-hide the ZPM until the real Lanteans return.

On Atlantis, the Scout had self destructed after returning information to the Hive ships. These 3 Hive ships are only two weeks away (about as far away as the Season Finale.) The ZPM could have reactivated the shield that they are going to need.
Do I need to add spoilers? Most people have already seen this episode I think. (why do people bother with illegal downlaods? anyway...)

Great ep, detective discovery story.

Mensa is no big deal, if Major Sheppard is intelligent enough to be an officer and work some basic maths out, i'm sure he is clever enough to be in Mensa. I don't think McKay gives him enough credit. But then McKay is fairly arrogant :p I know its wrong but Sheppard should have at least chucked that annoying Genii leader on a remote planet, he is gonna get more difficult.

I agree though, they lose too many puddle jumpers and earth/ancient gene people. That, and the naquadah generators from previous episodes, Atlantis will have no resources left soon!
I'm still not convinced there's only four people on Atlantis with the ancient gene. I'm sure they said something in the first episode about trying to find people who had it to take to Atlantis. Isn't that why they were getting everyone to sit in the chair?

The puddle jumper thing is more difficult. But maybe they'll find another cargo bay somewhere with a whole lot more ;)

Good ep, the end was kinda surprising. Although Allina's reaction when McKay tells her he didn't grow up on Atlantis was a bit of a giveaway. Still they have two weeks left and Weir's list had 5 planets - maybe they'll get luckier next time.

Dave already mentioned all of my fave lines. The bit when Mckay trying tobe nice to Allina and says the theory "wasn't bad or incorrect - well incorrect but..." was ROTF!!
I was thinking that they didn't try hard enough to convince Allina and her followers to let them keep the ZPM. Shepherd said that it was needed to run Atlantis and but he didn't sound that convincing.

Although they didn't know about the 3 Wraith hive ships at the time, they always knew of the threat, and Atlantis must be the best hope for that part of their Galaxy.

The same goes for the Genii, who still think that taking out one hive ship with a nuclear bomb would have solved all their problems.

To Allina I would have told her how we are the direct descendents of the Ancients, explained how Dr Weir, our leader, has travelled back to the past and met with them, and explained how evil and terrible the Wraith threat is. None of that is untrue. Then I would add how we were chosen by our planet on a distant Milky Way Galaxy to come to help them in their hour of need. That they brotherhood were only keeping the ZPM safe until we arrived. That is just being economical with the truth.
Well you guys have coverd the points very well.

The ending was rather predictable with teh reforming of the brotherhood for teh return of the Atlanteans.

But the Ancients will never return, rather ironic but I was thinking along the lines of Dave with the Brotherhood given this task specifically to help out the team in the present.

The return of the Genii, well more good stuff from them. No doubt they have spies everywhere.

Suprised about the Sora bit, I dont like characters in limbo.

All good stuff the end of season is coming should be a good fireworks display hehe.

A good episode, interesting. It was good to see the Genii again and Kolya. I have to agree with Maria8475, it was hilarious seeing Mckay in a romantic situation, that scene with Allina was just hilarious. And as Dave mention, one of the things that surprise me is when Kolya mention that they consider the humans terrorist. That bit was interesting. And the scene of the explosion and Mckay's reaction was just great.

The thing with the wraith scout was really good, and poor Dr. Beckett, I think after Mckay he's lately been made to do things that are not exactly his field work. So is understable how he feels every time he's thrown into conflicts and battles. Mckay as part of the away team have to expect all that but poor Dr. Beckett have been thrown in it lately. I think he probably isn't too happy to have the gene now. :lol:

Krystal :p
Definitly a quality episode.

I liked how Rodney didn't realize that one lady was attracted to him.

I can't really add much more that hasn't already been said.

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