Looking for a book and author please


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Jun 4, 2014
Hi everyone

This is my first post but I am looking for a book that I read around 15 years ago now that I would love my son to read now as it really opened me up to this genre, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name or author.

Basically the book was a bout a lone man who performed various tasks for people, all to obtain money to build a fortress. He worked alone but did have a companion who stayed at the fortress for him. The two tasks that stick in my mind are one where he has to defeat a bunch of were-people (possibly leopards) who are terrifying a village and the other one is where he beats a wind elemental by hiding in a cave and tricking it in to blowing itself out.

Does anyone have any ideas??????

Thanks for any suggestions

Jonzo :confused::confused::confused:
You got it in one. I have been looking for this for months, I know where to come from now on.

Thank you very much