Ghost Whisperer reveals season five plans

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Oct 20, 2013
14th September 2009 04:52 AM

David Allen

For many science fiction fans the ghost story is on the sort of fringe of the genre in the same manner that horror is, these fringe sections appear to blur into one around the edges and one such programme that is good at that is the Ghost Whisperer.

This is series that has quietly notched a run of four seasons and not work is happening in the fifth. However, despite being renewed for another season the little has been said about the direction this show will be taking.

Fortunately according to the producer PK Simonds, the new season is going to take viewers off in a new direction. Season five will start off with a jump forward in time, not carrying on in the same timeline as the season four finale.

What this does is simple; it creates new avenues for stories and plots.

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