Logan Lerman for Spiderman

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Oct 20, 2013
13th April 2010 04:10 AM

David Allen


In sport when teams begin to hunt around for new members, this is often called the “Silly Season” because rumours match great sports people with rubbish teams etc.

It seems that the silly season is not totally confined to the sports business as rumours within the film industry on who will take on the title role of Spider-Man following Tobey Maguire’s exit from the role.

The latest rumour puts Logan Lerman in the frame to play the superhero; such a role would launch him as an international actor and take the role of Spider-Man to a new direction.

However, other sources such as Deadline, insist that Logan Lerman will not be taking on the role of Peter Parker and in actual fact there are doubts that he was ever in the frame in the first place.

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