(Part found) Looking for a short story with the slogan "Git's Got Guts" in an old anthology


Apr 10, 2020
Dear All,

I read this story in 1976 (after suffering a concussion and having memory problems! LOL!). All I remember is that the main character works for a marketing/advertising company and within the story he writes the above marketing slogan for a brand of soap called "Git."

Any ideas?

To tell the truth, the story I am REALLY looking for, in that same anthology, was about a scientist who builds a ladder up into space who, like Noah, face total derision from the rest of the world, only to have the ladder disconnect from the Earth and lift him up into space by "someone else." But I have exhausted all resources trying to find that one, then I remembered today the Gits Got Guts slogan from the other story in the same book...

All brainstorming welcomed!
Thank you SO much, M. Robert! That was a blast to re-read that story, 45 years later!

Unfortunately, I the other story, about the giant ladder, was not in that same collection, so my search continues.

Maybe you can help... you are obviously better at research than I am, since I had not even been able to find "Git's Got Guts!" (Though I'll give myself some credit... at least I could REMEMBER it!!! :)

Any ideas about how I might be able to continue my search for this other story? The challenge, of course, is that there is no such "immediately recognizable" phrase in it like "Git's Got Guts." I've tried searching by various keywords, but "ladder" is the main item in the story, and it is far too common to search just by that one word.

Any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated!

Thanks again, friend! I went through the list of titles in that collection, and it doesn't sound like any of them are a match. Darn! Strike two! But thank you so much for your help. My grandma had more than one old sci fi book lying around, so I'm guessing my association was wrong between Soap Opera and "the ladder story." I'll keep trying to find some other way to find that old chestnut... Maybe another flash of memory will bring another old story to my mind. If you run across a story with a giant ladder into space, think of me! :)

All the best, Zemo
If you're still looking for the ladder story, and it was in the same anthology as "Soap Opera", why not have a look at the anthologies it's in, on ISFDB, and see if any titles in the other anthologies ring a bell?

I tried looking on Unz for ladder stories, and got quantum ladders and a "Startling Stories" magazine with "World Beyond the Sky" by Robert Moore Williams. It has "ladder" in the text a *lot* -- you can do a text search for it right in the archive issue.

Warning: to use your colorful term, that story really looks like a chestnut. I settled for a text search for "ladder" instead of reading it. But who knows?

The best bet is if the ladder story was in the same anthology as "Soap Opera".