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Sep 7, 2013
Hi guys, I hope this is the right place to be posting a thread like this.

I was just wondering... has anyone else been blown away by the works of Patrick Rothfuss? If you have not yet had the chance to read 'Name of The Wind' or 'Wise Man's Fear' I highly recommend them. Perhaps it is just that his writing style suits my taste to perfection, but I found myself completely in awe of his writing.

In awe and... somewhat jealous.
Yes his poetic lyrical prose is annoyingly good! And he writes first person POV which I'm guessing is harder to pull off well! Isn't it a shame he only manages to write one book every 3 years!! Maybe waiting a while for the next!
I know! I do try to follow his blog but to be quite honest, there's never really anything going on.

I read a lot... and frankly I tire of what I am sure must be the "best selling" type of fantasy plot (ie - magicians, war, destiny etc). That stuff may sell but I'm getting downright bored of it.

Patrick Rothfuss has come along and made magicians human. They don't point fingers and turn men into frogs. I like his brain.
And he's coming to Brighton next month! That is, as long as he doesn't get an offer to play Dungeons and Dragons somewhere else...:eek:

If there's a cheque for his charity with that offer...mmm the man is so easily bought heh! Haven't you met him before Boneman? :)
Patrick Rothfuss is the best :) Due for a reread this Uni holidays.
I read Name of the Wind, I enjoyed it at the time but for some strange reason I kept putting off getting The Wise Man's Fear. By the time I got round to start reading it earlier this week I only had a vague recollection of the first book but the further on I get the more I recall of the first book and kicking myself for not reading it sooner. Now when is the next one due?
I have a suspicion that Rothfuss wrote all of his books so far without much of an outline, compared to other authors of fantasy epics. Maybe he had a vague outline, but the thing is, I remember him talking in interviews about how he didn't know how the romance between Kvothe and Denna would work out. Bit of a major element right? Strange to be winging it, as he seems to imply if you wantch any interview
Maybe he has written himself into a predicament where he doesn't know how to wrap things up.
A variety of fan theories have been posited about how it will all wrap up, many of which sound pretty satisfying and well thought out. I can only surmise that Rothfuss has changed his plans due to his plot being figured out ahead of time, or never had a well fleshed out plan in the first place.
His prose was very good, but there is no evidence that he can tell a complete and satisfying story.
His prose was very good, but there is no evidence that he can tell a complete and satisfying story.
This is my problem with almost all contmeporary story tellers in lit, tv, movies, games.... No one know how to end a story anymore. They all hope for the big payoff and then just milk it till it quits... But I am hopeful still about Rothfuss.
But i also suspect that we will see The Doors of Stone before we see Winds of Winter...
I agree, but you shouldn't be pessimistic Narky, it's not your style.
I suspect it's that he's been winging it.

But i also suspect that we will see The Doors of Stone before we see Winds of Winter...
Hopefully, as I can still remember more or less all of the KC chronicles, so I could pick it right up and read away.
I won't read and more ASOIAF until Dream of Spring is out. That's my resolution and I'm sticking to it lol!
He did write all of the Kingkiller Chronicles, almost a million words, but when he actually got the book deal, he sat down and started editing, and saw (as we all do with a first draft, right?) so many imperfections in the story-telling. He added characters (Bast and Auri never existed in his first draft, nor all the characters who come into the Inn periodically...) and the story grew stronger and stronger. I'm hopeful for Doors of Stone, but tiredly resigned to wait.

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