The Narrow Road Between Desires by Patrick Rothfuss


Happy Easter!
Jul 14, 2005
So I texted my friend regarding his thoughts on the Beatles’ new song, Now and Then. He responded by asking me what I thought about Patrick Rothfuss‘ new book. I didn’t know what to say… I did not know he had a new book. A quick Internet search yielded the result that Rothfuss released a novella this month, The Narrow Road Between Desires. It is a story about Bast, Kvothe’s (demon pretending to be human) servant.

That is all I know. I have not researched it further. There does not seem to be any news on the progress for the third and final book of the trilogy. Once word is given that the book will be published on a certain date, then I will buy this novella and re-enter Rothfuss’ world. Until that time I’m steering clear.
It's a reworking and expansion of an old short story, which is about all I can tell you about the book itself.
It’s actually a lovely edition - hardback and beautifully illustrated. I’m on chapter two and I recognise it from the short but it feels more expansive and rounded. And I do love his writing…
I really loved his first „in-between“ (The slow regard of silent things“), but expanding on old stories smacks of desperation when the author has tried for years to find a way to continue his main series. I feel sorry for him. And of course I will read this new one, too.

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