patrick rothfuss

  1. Pedro Del Mar

    Doors of Stone

    Hi all, I've recently picked up the first two books in the Kingkiller Chronicles but haven't started the series yet. It's a longshot but are there any suggestions as to when the third and final part may be released? The reason I ask is because since beginning ASOIAF I'm now loath to begin a...
  2. Ambriel

    Theory (spoiler alert)

    After reading both books, particularly the part about the time that Kvothe spent with the Maer and his lady love Meluan Lackless, I developed a theory. As know one whom I've met in person has read both books I figured I would state my theory here. I think that the reason Lady Lackless doesn't...
  3. Narkalui

    Chronicler: Super Mad Crackpot Idea

    I was talking to my brother-in-law the other day, describing the brief outline of The Name of the Wind (he's curious now there's a film coming out). When I mentioned The Chronicler he jokingly said that maybe that's a nod to this message board. I scoffed the idea at first but then I suddenly...
  4. Brian G Turner

    Patrick Rothfuss gets a rage on

    And sets a few things straight with fans about the pressures of being wildly successful: Pat Rothfuss (@PatrickRothfuss) on Twitter (I've edited the exchange to the reading order of the forums, so the oldest Tweet is first, the newest is last.)
  5. Boneman

    Aspiring writers: that's us!!

    Patrick is doing a livestream Q&A session for two hours tonight!! It's from 8-10 our time, but it's a rubbish night to go out, let's be honest... Go easy on him, he'll have just finished a skype conversation with me before this... The interview will be posted here as soon as I can transcribe...
  6. Boneman

    Worldbuilders 2015 coming

    To an internet near you! See 9th November if you're not sure what it's all about. And coming soon: an interview with the man himself... watch this space.
  7. Brian G Turner

    Name of the Wind - film coming?

    I'm sure I saw mention of a public bidding war, held at Comic Con 2015, for the film rights to Pat Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles - however, I can only find this at the moment: IIRC, studios are looking to see what...
  8. Young stormlord

    Crackop theory- Opening Kvothe's box

    I've finished reading all the Kingkiller connected books. And I have a weird little theory. Anyway, the Chronicler. His birth name, Devan Lochees. Lochees family is an offshoot of Lockless family and distantly related to Lackless family. He is also described as one of perhaps two score people...
  9. Boneman

    Felurian vs Susan Sto-Helit

    Worth following this link (find 4th April if you're reading this much later) for the fight between Rothfuss's Felurian and Terry Pratchett's Susan and then for the final of the Suvudu cage match between Felurian and...
  10. willwallace

    The Slow Regard of Silent Things

    Hmm. Where to start a discussion of this little book? It starts out with an odd forward from the author, where he says that you may not like the tome. From there, Rothfuss takes you into the underground world of Auri, and it's a mighty strange place. The writing style is somewhat...
  11. Jo Zebedee

    Kvothe - chosen one?

    this is coming from a thread about cliches I was involved in elsewhere. Reading NOTW and, especially, BMF, I felt Kvothe was clearly of the chosen one ilk. I felt he was born to complete some sort of task, and that his skills etc lent themselves to thag trope. Others, however, felt there was no...
  12. Munch

    The Slow Regard of Silent Things

    For those of you interested Mr Rothfuss has decided to delight us with a new book based around Auri. Details here: The News: The Slow Regard of Silent Things Release dates and that still haven't been determined but I for one am very excited! Hopefully this and the short story anthology should...
  13. C

    Friend Zone

    I don't know about anyone else but the way he describes kvothe's relationships and his admitted personal life details with women seriously hits home for me. Why is it that being nice makes women uninterested. The way the kvothe fails with women like I and I'm sure many others reading this do...
  14. Sunseal

    Patrick Rothfuss

    Hi guys, I hope this is the right place to be posting a thread like this. I was just wondering... has anyone else been blown away by the works of Patrick Rothfuss? If you have not yet had the chance to read 'Name of The Wind' or 'Wise Man's Fear' I highly recommend them. Perhaps it is just that...
  15. Boneman

    Fallen Hero?

    It's no secret Patrick Rothfuss is a hero of mine, but I've just been shocked rigid by his latest posting (18th July) and even now I'm hoping it's a spoof, or his blog has been hijacked, because I find it somewhat disturbing that he's actually going to do what he says. Rather than link the...
  16. M

    Kvothe's Binding (Wise Man's Fear spoilers)

    I have a question about when Kvothe is fighting the encampment of bandits. How was it possible for him to use the dead sentry to kill the other bandits? There was no sympathetic link for Kvothe to link one to the other. If it's saying that just because they were both human bodies, and thus a...
  17. Brian G Turner

    Patrick Rothfuss and the sex fairy

    Name of the Wind keeps coming up on my radar as a big recent fantasy debut, and one I should read as part of my exploration of the epic fantasy genre. However ... something that puts me off is a piece I read before slamming his "sex fairy" section. Where the hero, Kothe, outsexes a sex fairy...
  18. S

    Why doesn't Patrick Rothfuss have his own thread?

    Hi Guys Apologies if this has been covered previously and I have missed it, but why doesn't Rothfuss have his own space? I know he has only written two books but I think his stuff is exceptional.
  19. Boneman

    Patrick Rothfuss and the Eolian Harp

    The Eolian harp is a conversational poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (he of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner fame) all about expressing his love for Sara, and the pleasure of conjugal love... Pat's partner is Sarah... I guess he's entitled to (sort of) hide his love in a not so hidden oblique...
  20. Juliana

    Patrick Rothfuss' Story Board debates

    For anyone who hasn't discovered these (I followed a link on Patrick's blog) - lovely, chatty 'round tables' with fantastic guest authors. He's hosting one per month; there are three out already on subjects such as characters and urban fantasy. You can find them on You Tube (look for The...