After the Farseer trilogy and fitz(spoilers)

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Feb 27, 2009
I understand I have to read The liveship traders and then tawny man... does any of them carry on with fitz?? I just finished Farseer trilogy and it made me so sad how he never got anything really with all of he has done, please tell me this isn't the case and I find out more?!

It didn't feel like a good enough of an ending for me.
Tawny Man picks up Fitz's story about 15 years after the end of Farseer when he is about 35 so I'd read that if you really wanted a dose of Fitz again.

I personally never bothered with Livership but people here reckon it's good...I may pick it up one day.
The Liveship books are set in the same universe as the Fitz books, but he does not feature. That being said events in those books are referenced in the Tawny Man books.

Speaking personally it was the LIveship Traders that got me to read Hobb in the first place. I thought they were magnificent!!!
I read the Tawny man trilogy - then the Liveship trilogy. They are excellent.

The timeline is Liveship series...and Fitz is mentioned, but not included.

Then the Tawny man series.

A good read
I think you should read Liveship first, since the events in the book (with the fool present) do have an impact on the story.
I read the Farseer trilogy and then the Tawny Man trilogy, only getting to the Liveship trilogy afterwards. I regret doing it this way - I should have read the Liveship trilogy second, so that they all fit in chronological order. I didn't think the LST would have so much impact on the things I would think about in the tawny man series, but they do. So it's worth going in order. Then there's the dragon keeper books, which I am currently eating my way through :)
Did you guys notice the pock scared man with his pregnant wife at the traders meeting in bingtown?

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