Please help, obsessively looking for a book


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Nov 6, 2008
Hi, im looking for a book i have read long time ago and cant remember its name or the writer, but i remember the plot. It was narrated by the book's main character (Sort of Big Sleep style) who was searching for his wife killer whilst getting over a terrible withdrawal from having his brain implants removed after coming back from a moon colony project that was abandoned by the Goverment, only to find out that his wife was killed not by a person but by mysterious drug called "jewel" that turns out to be nanoorganisms ... I have been searching high and low, please help if you know this book or if you know where else i can look. Thanks!
Sounds like something by Jonathan Lenthem. Have you looked at his books on Amazon?
Hi, i cant seem to find Jonathan Lenthem, Jonathan Lethem? he is not a sci fi writer... Please correct me, or am i going crazy?:confused:
Thanks guys, he souns great, i have never heard of him before, right up my street. But that is not it. The book im talking about is about a man that comes back from the moon base where he lives among others for number of years, and he is an architect. To help people who live on the moon they get brain implants that allow them to do many things at the same time as well as highten their perseption of the world by million percent. And then the project is suddenly scrapped and people are sent back to Earth and the software is removed from their heads, wich makes them suffer terrible withdraw symptoms. I can go on, as i do remember the plot quite well, but im sure if someone have read the book they will recognise it from this. At the moment i feel like i have dreamed the whole thing up because so far all my efforts brought me nothing. Oh, someone must have read it!!!
Oops! Sorry. I fat-fingered the "n" on my keyboard. Lethem was what I meant. He writes speculative fiction. He has clones and artifically intelligent animals and stuff. Gun, with Occasional Music is one of his best.

Cant figure what you are asking about, though I know some books that deal with those scenarios individually. Do you remember any character's names? You can google those and see if the book title pops up.
Hehe fat-fingered, thats funny!
Well, wouldnt that make things easier if i remembered the names of characters! I find i have a very selective memory, like i can remember even parts of dialogue, but no names, none whatsoever. Apart from the name of the drug, it was called Jewel, golden capsules that smelled of chemical orange... And that end up beeing not a drug at all, but nanoorganisms that were taken to releace the mind and send it back to the Moon, unfortunately the body died, and thats how the hero thought his wife was murdered, untill he discovered that she took the drug as the last resort when she couldnt take the withdrawal any more. I wonder if i make any sence. :rolleyes:
No, sorry, i know Jeffrey Ford and its not him... I was thinking may be i should go to Forbidden Planet and asking there. If they dont know i think i might as well give up :(

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