Alvin Maker series


Oct 11, 2007
Johannesburg, SA
I have just read the first 2 books in the Ender series and loved them (got the 3rd waiting). I would just like to know is the Alvin Maker series any good or do you guys recommend another series by OSC?
The Alvin Maker series is also excellent.

My favorite stand alone book by OSC is Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus.
See, I thought Ender was ok, but I love the Alvin Maker series. It was the first alternate history I ever read, and I was floored at how good it was, esp the first couple books.
I enjoyed the first couple of books but then things seemed to tail off after than and I lost interest after the third or fourth one -- the same with the Ender series, which seemed to get very preachy in the end, which is never a good thing.

Yep I found that too. I read three I think. I think the character of Calvin should have been developed more. Due perhaps to the preachiness and the perfection of Alvin, I felt more empathy with Calvin towards the end, despite all his evil deeds, which I don't think was intended by Card. He's such a bitter and unhappy underdog it's hard not to want better things for him. And the girl with the caul was just annoying.

I tried reading book one and just couldn't get into it.:unsure:
I read book 1, it is incredible. If you liked Ender's books, you will probably like it.
Yeah, great series. Recommended. Baylor, what are you saying, mate. Try again you philistine. ;);)

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