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  1. Sally Ann Melia

    Ender's Game by orson Scott Card

    I did not read this until this month (July 2014). And I decided to give it a go having seen the trailers for the film which features Star Wars' Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield who was mesmerising in both the TV series Merlin(he played Mordred) and of course the film Hugo. I hope to see the...
  2. MontyCircus

    Ender Series Recommended Reading Order?

    I read Ender's Game a while ago and enjoyed it, though I didn't fall in love with it or think it was one of the best things I've ever read, as others have experienced. Nonetheless, I just saw the film and it has reignited my interest in the series and I'm interested in reading on...
  3. Fishbowl Helmet

    Orson Scott Card: Obama & Urban Gangs

    Orson Scott Card worries about Obama turning urban gangs into his personal police.
  4. G


    Came upon the short story "America" in a sci fi collection... I was surprised that I'd never heard of it before. It's an amazing, almost mythological piece of work. I hadn't thought OSC could work in the short story format well - I found some of the short pieces in the Worthing Saga a bit flat -...
  5. biodroid


    G'day all. I picked up Xenocide to complete the "Ender trilogy", I really liked Ender's Game and sort of liked SftD even though it was a slow book. How is Xenocide? My friend says it is more pacy like book 1 than 2 and more action and just as good a story.
  6. N

    A vision of the future in Shadow Puppets

    This has already been noticed, and in fact I hope it has. However, in the long-odds chance it has not, I wanted to alert people to OSC's sense of prophecy. Or at the very least the existance of his time machine. In his book Shadow Puppets, toward the beginning of Chapter 3 "Mommies and...
  7. W

    Anyone Know the Names of the Writers in the Shadow Series?

    I know Peter and Val are Locke and Demosthenes, and in the shadow series after Peter is Hegemon, two new writers emerge, one is Petra, I believe as Lincoln, and the other is??? What is the other pen name used (Lincoln and who)? And is it Peter who writes it?
  8. zorcarepublic

    Just started reading Orson Scott Card...

    ...a few weeks ago, when I saw that 'Ender's Game' was in a bookshop in a town near to me. Got two books for a fiver and started reading it. Haven't read the other yet...:) What is the recommended reading order for the books in the series? So far I've read Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead.
  9. Anthony G Williams

    The Worthing Saga, by Orson Scott Card

    The Worthing stories were among the first that Card ever wrote, and this volume bring together all of them: a novel, The Worthing Chronicle, and a collection of short stories set in the same universe. This is set in the far future, when humanity has spread unchallenged across many worlds. On one...
  10. S

    maps in a mirror

    I recently picked up this book called Maps in a Mirror with alot of short stories by Orson Scott Card. I'm not to far into it yet, but I've enjoyed what I have read of it so far. I've read a few other books bye orson scott cart as well and liked all of them espessialy the Alvin Maker series...
  11. Fried Egg


    I read my first story by Orson Scott Card the other day, a short story called "Sandmagic". I also read that he later developed it into a novel and that there were other stories written in that "universe". I really liked this story and wonder where I should go from here?
  12. Omphalos

    Robota, by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card

    Though the venerable name of Orson Scott Card is associated with this week's book, the project was the brainchild of its illustrator, Doug Chiang. If you believe the introductory material, and I have no reason not to, Chiang has been playing with the concepts behind the story for the better part...
  13. G

    I think Bean is going to be in the New Book

    I think the next Ender book coming out, in November 11th is going to reunite Bean and Ender 3000 years after their time at Battle School. Bean would be around three years older than when he got on the rocket, and I think Ela will be able to cure him and his children. Because of her work with...
  14. biodroid

    The Abyss

    Got The Abyss at a secondhand bookshop at a very low price, the book looks like it was bought and then shelved and forgotten so it looks new. Anyone read it? I am still on the second chapter and it looks pretty cool. I read the first 2 Ender books and really enjoyed them, am I in for a treat...
  15. biodroid

    Alvin Maker series

    I have just read the first 2 books in the Ender series and loved them (got the 3rd waiting). I would just like to know is the Alvin Maker series any good or do you guys recommend another series by OSC?
  16. biodroid

    price of books

    I ordered (from TOR) Speaker for the dead and Xenocide online and paid half the price for the same books from Time Warner. Could someone tell me why that is the case. Are the books printed and bound poorly? Did they cut some of the story out?
  17. biodroid

    How to write...

    Has anyone read his instructional books on how to write sf and fantasy and characters and viewpoints? Are they good do they give any good pointers and guides?
  18. Connavar

    O. S. Card Recently reads Gemmell

    I thought this was interesting seeing what a writer really feels about another and not just the hyperbole blurbs you see in every cover. When I discover a new author who consistently creates moving, inventive stories with memorable characters, one of the great pleasures is looking forward to...
  19. C

    Orson Scott Card - Wyrms

    I haven't finished this book yet, or gotten very far. Yet still, I want to know what other people who read this book thought about it. How do you suppose it compares to OSC's other works? Did anyone like any particular characters? Is this one of OSC's last sci-fi works, because now he...
  20. O

    Shadows in Flight - What you expect will happen

    This is an unpublished book that is supposed to link the Bean Quartet with the Ender Novels. I've finished the Ender Novels (except for the prelude to Speaker for the Dead, which is still to be published as well, I think the title is Ender in Exile or something) and am half-way through the Bean...