A Dance with Dragons Cover Art Released


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Jun 4, 2006
Only the American one so far. Expect the British one to follow soon-ish.


Still, a great sign that Bantam hope to have the book out ASAP.
Not really, it looks very much the same as A Feast for Crows cover for america (same style), i always liked the british one better.

The dragon is totally not like i envision them though. I think the more lizard like, longer neck, less strong feet, more impressing wings, ...
I'm rather disappointed...

I first picked up AGOT blindly because I recognized the author and the cover art (with a Black Brother, I'm assuming its Waymar Royce) looked awesome.
The dragon is also wrong. As GRRM has pointed out, six-limbed creatures are pretty rare in nature. It's either four or eight. Four-limbed creatures usually have legs and wings, but no forearms/forelegs (think of birds or bats).

OTOH, he's also pointed out that six-limbed dragons are a very popular misrepresentation of the creatures in Westeros (even moreso given that it's 150-odd years since anyone's seen one) as well as in real life. The Targaryen flag shows the correct four limbs but a lot of other pictures have them with six.
the american cover art is so... meh!... So little to grap attention. Simplicity is all well and good, but this is a fantasy novel... its got to be not-quite-but-nearly OTT.
On the flag they have six limbs, only the front paws are tiny
Ho-hum. My first 3 books have a different cover than AFFC, which is the newer and simpler cover.

AGOT has the Black Brother and Winterfell (Jon? Benjen? Royce?)
ACOK has Davos kneeling before Stannis and Mel
ASOS has the death of Hoster Tully with Cat and Edmure.
Same here, Tk.

I rather liked the illustrated covers, I wish they would do one for AFFC so all of mine would match...
I'm as excited about this as I was about the Jim Burns/Titan of Braavos cover art for AFFC...

Seriously though, I hate having a fantasy series change cover style half way through. I understand the publishing "need" to do it, but they should print a small limited run with "old style" covers too.

Still, on the bright side, it's green. Which is better than black. (The current UK paperback of the first half of ASOS is green, so the UK paperback may well change colour - we haven't had blue yet...)
Any news on the UK release of this volume? I am desperate to continue some of the series of works I am in the middle of.
I know the original plan was to release the UK and US editions on the same day rather than getting the UK edition out first, as is normal, but that's gone out the window now. GRRM's last word was that the UK will get the book first, probably by 4-6 weeks :)

As for the cover art, no sign of it yet. I'd expect to see it within the next couple of months.
Yes sorry I derailed this thread a little but I did not feel the post warranted it's own thread. So the book is out this year?
The plan is for it to come out either late this year or early next year. Whilst GRRM is still writing it, however, it's impossible to be sure.
It's a bit on the minute side at the moment and I'll post a pic once the bigger version is up, but:


Better. Much better than the US cover, in fact. Voyager are also listing a November date (which is more likely for both the UK and US, frankly) and GRRM has said in the comments section of his Notablog:

No. As I have said before, when DANCE is done, I will post the news on my Update page.

I am trying to finish by the middle of June, however. These announcements are predicated on me being able to do that.

If I do not, in fact, deliver the finished before before the end of June, all bets are off.

And Amazon pub dates are almost always made of hope and vapor.

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