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  1. Boaz

    The failure of my Grand Unified Theory

    Back in 2005-2006, I was working on a theory to solve all prophecy, to decipher the Faith of the Seven, to recognize Azor Ahai reborn, and know the origins of humanity. It did not work. I could not make it all fit... not even with all the mental hurdles I like to jump. My basic thought was...
  2. Boaz

    Arya: The Blind Girl chapter in ADWD. Are the bodies important?

    In Arya’s first chapter in ADWD, she is blind. Early one morning, she finds two bodies of people who, presumably drank the poisoned water of the house of Black and White. One body is that of an elderly woman. The only thing that Arya notes about her is that the woman has one ring and her body is...
  3. C

    ACOUP essays on Game of Thrones

    ACOUP is a blog by a military historian that discusses popular fiction and games from the standpoint of what history tells us pre-gunpowder societies were really like. ACOUP did a number of essays offering a deep dive into Game of Thrones. Anyone interested in how to write (and not write)...
  4. Boaz

    A Posting of Ice and Fire: Enjoying twenty years of plots, theories, and characters while the story is in production. SPOILERS!

    Caveat lectoris. Let the reader beware. When I said that I thought Jon was Eddard's son, a friend told me to look up R+L=J on the net. I had taken A Song of Ice and Fire at face value. This began changing my understanding of what George Martin is communicating. I read about R+L=J and posted...
  5. chongjasmine

    What will happen to the series if George dies before completing it?

    I really enjoy the series, and wonder what will happen to it if George should pass away. Will someone else take over the job, or will it be left unfinished?
  6. Boaz

    GRRM's love of Marvel Comics

    George's favorite comic heroes were the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, is a brilliant inventor and manipulator of technology who uses his brain more than his super stretching ability. Benjamin Grimm, aka The Thing, is a top notch pilot, capable of taking people beyond the...
  7. O

    (Found) 1980's? Ancient Bio-engineering ship found, adventures follow, thought 'Tuffy's War'? nothing found

    I think it's called Tuffy's War, pretty positive Tuffy is correct, the war part not so much. Searches through various websites and search engines have found nothing matching. No idea on author. Published in the 1980's, possibly 1970's. Space Tugboat? Captain Tuffy is hired to find a missing...
  8. pogopossum

    Martin as editor/anthologist

    My first reading of Martin was him as the editor and contributor to the Wild Cards series. Since then I have noticed enough of his work as editor/anthologist to explain his inability to finish Fire& Ice. Of special note to me is the aformentioned Wild Cards. But also his encomium to Jack Vance...
  9. JJewel

    Am I the only one that thinks that the Wild Cards series is better than GOT?

    Okay before the hit squad arrives my reasons ... 1. The GOT books, certainly the early ones were very repetitious in subject / theme 2. Wild Cards was the first `intelligent` idea for superheros i ever read, particularly characters like the Great and Powerful Turtle etc.
  10. Young stormlord

    Crackpot theory: Who really sent a catspaw to kill Bran?

    It was Mance Rayder. I don't know whether you're going to read this but here goes. How to add weight to Mance Rayder theory. Mance is lying about some details when he tells his story to Jon. First of all and a first lie, he didn't go over the wall alone. Generally speaking, it's a good idea...
  11. thatollie

    Is Dany really Aerys' daughter?

    People have a lot of theories about who could be the children of The Mad King but I had a thought. What if Dany isn't his daughter? Okay, so, there's 17 years between the births of Prince Rheagar and Prince Viserys and they lose EIGHT children during that time. Also, he become disinterested...
  12. Extollager

    Theological Critique: World of Vice and Fire

    "And now, for the first time, the world of selfism and indifference has its bard, whose stories are lodged firmly in the minds of tens of millions." --Peter Hitchens Vice and Fire | Peter Hitchens
  13. Brian G Turner

    George R R Martin: Fire and Blood

    A lot of people will already be aware that Fire and Blood, a prequel to the A Song of Ice and Fire series - perhaps better known by the TV series name of Game of Thrones - is due for released on November 20th this year: GRRM has effectively...
  14. Koopa

    Brandon Stark and Time

  15. Werthead

    Tuf Voyaging by George R.R. Martin

    Tuf Voyaging
  16. The Imp

    Arya is the Valonqar

    I was going to post this in the crackpot section, but I don't think it's that much of a stretch. Possibilities for whome the Valonqar is are many, and you could make a good argument for many of them. Tyrion, Jaime, Stannis, Rickon and Sandoz all come two mind as people who are possibilities to...
  17. SR Binkley

    'What ifs' in A Song of Ice and Fire

    So this is something I've thought about from time to time with ASOIF. What are some of your favorite 'what it' scenarios ie events that could have gone a different direction and had a strong impact on the story. I think this can be a useful exercise if anyone is into ASOIF fan-fiction. Some of...
  18. S

    Is Varys actually a eunuch?

    I was preparing a topic for the podcast I do with my brother (Drunk on Ice & Fire), about Varys' agenda in Winds of Winter. I thought about it and the theory that resulted is below. We all know that Varys pretends to be a defender of the Realm, but there are several reasons to suggest this may...
  19. Toby Frost

    Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin

    Abner Marsh is a tough riverboat entrepreneur in the pre-civil-war Deep South. When he is given the chance to expand his business by a mysterious backer, he cannot resist. But before long, Abner discovers that Joshua York, his new business partner, has some very dirty secrets, and that the fate...
  20. S

    Wild speculation & crackpot theories.

    According to this Grrm has come up with a new plot twist: The interesting bit is this: So the question is what has been done in the show that was not done in the books that was significant enough to preclude...