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Combos are always fun when you think them up and they work greatly. Its the good ones that end up never working or coming together in the draw of cards that get alot of people discouraged.

Took me several years off and on before I started winning more ofthen than not. Or atleast playing wll before losing.
The last time I bought cards in real life I think Mirage was still a new release, in fact it was a Griffin deck that got me started on tribal decks, for a beginer its such an easy way to put a (somewhat) competative deck together.

Is tribal a general term for a deck built around one creature type or is there a specific make up for one?
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Fair enough, they'll often get referred to as Tribal online , especially in the open room by people who only want to win ie posting ext game no tribal, land destruction, discard, counter, black decks etc... Maybe fair enough if it's only one option that you find particuarly annoying but some people get rediculous with it, in the end if its causing you that big a problem find a way to beat it :rolleyes:). I was just never sure if Tribal just meant a deck built around a central creature type or if there was a set criteria.

Three and Four headed giant (team play) is fun but unfortunately online it always used to bog down and get very slow.
I play the current sets of Magic the gathering (Merfolk+Elves) as well as an older style deck for casual play (Samurai from the Kamigawa sets and lots of protection)
I prefer to be at a table with the cards, the dice, the counters, the works and the people.

Was never really an option for me except when I first began playing and then no one knew how to play anyway so the game was basically about who could sound the most convincing whilst making the rules up as they went along.

No question you lose something online but it's a bit of give and take; you can't break rules so there's no arguments about that plus it's an easy way to learn. There's always lots of games so if you play enough you build that same group of friends, competitors, rivalries etc as you would irl. Trading is well set up, you can by packs, trade or buy cards and with the marketplace you can pretty much buy any card 24/7, just learn enough not to be scammed. In fact one thing I always thought was a nice touch was that at any point any or all online cards can be traded for real cards.

But imo by far the biggest downside of Magic online is that if a player doesn't want to finish a game or concede and so give you the win, they can just log out, leaving you there with a frozen game until you concede and so lose, in the open rooms it's not even for rankings so it's absolutely pointless. I figure it's only fair to sit there and take your punishment when you're losing (on the other side someone is finally enjoying seeing a plan work) and would only even concede if I felt someone was continually passing up attacking opportunities because they wanted the big finish, so it was so fustrating to get ahead and then have the other person just get up and walk out :mad:.
I used to play MTG from the days of Revised up until the release of 6th Editon. Most of the people I played with felt that the 'merging' of the Portal style changed the dynamics and there were too many cards on the errata lists. I stopped going to tournaments after you could only use the latest card sets, so a lot of my better decks with older cards in them were useless, I'd have been better off going to a sealed deck tournament in the end.

I never really got into the online playing, it could never replace the feeling you get when playing against a physical opponent. It may have something to do with a tactile response, or it could be about playing a weenie deck and seeing the look on their face when you bring out Coat of Arms :D!

Unfortunately, with people moving away and losing interest, I no longer play but still have thousands of cards which are worth quite a bit, and must have cost me a few holidays' worth of cash over the years.

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