Any Magic The Gathering Players

I started a thread about this a while ago. I play but havnt really played for a long while. Nice to hear a fellow player. The Chrons is a very polite place, we all do our best to stay polite. Pop up to the tea room a few of us kinda hang out there and of course there is the introduce yourself thread hope you post many interesting threads.

To the game, I love fast red perhaps a bit older cards but I will have to look em out. What colour do you play? I do like Black too. Green is good also, but just cant get the hang of white and blue (I'm not subtle):D

You play in tournaments or anything?
I don't like playing in tourneys. I like to build strategy decks and make the other guy work.

I've had a few decks with under 5 turn wins, but I don't like to play that way. I just did it to prove that I could.

I've regrettably given up more sets of cards that I can count, and haven't been able to play anywhere since I been stuck out in the country the last several months. I'm interested in the latest block though.

I go thru phases where color is concerned. My last best deck was this awesome Green Graft deck I constructed. I had that set up to take out teams. I included dredge and other bring back items. You would have had to see it played to believe it.
Sounds great, whats the tactics behind your decks.

I liked to use red to hamstring my oponent with avalanche riders and stone rain (land destruction) then go for a fast attack with plenty of small haste creatures then use fire attack spells to finish my oponent, worked sometimes all depended on how fast I managed to get in and how much damage I could do initally. The land destruction was nice against slow blue decks.:D
OMG it varies so often the things I come up with. I used to love playing with Mercenaries and Battlemages way back. Battlemages are still my favorite creatures.

I built what I called a Moria deck once. It was red and green based on the mines of Moria. I used the Beast Of Bogardan to resemble the Balrog.

I wish I could remember the other decks I made during the Ravnica block. I had some nice ones that were my own sweet strategies.
Oh man that was so long ago and I changed it around so much. Discard was always a good helpful strategy tho. And don't worry so much about using the mercenaries that can be brought from the deck, use other ones, smaller ones.

Dark Rituals and spirit link spells were great combos.
Haven't played with real cards in a long long time but I played online for a bit. I like that you always keep your account and cards. I hadn't played for a couple of years then was bored one night a few months ago,was nice to be able to reinstall it and play a few games.

Mainly tribal decks for me with solo white being a favourite
Don't think I follow you there Sire?

Do mean free play? If you download it you can play in an intro area with a choice of about 5 decks I think but yeah after that it costs to put something together yourself.
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I had a reeeeaaallly serious M:TG addiction about 10-15 years ago. I started playing when Fallen Empires came out, played tournaments during Homelands/Ice Age, and stuck with it until... oh I guess Nemesis, maybe.

I'm sure I spent thousands of dollars on cards, but I've sold off all the good stuff since I quit about 8 years ago.

What a great, great game, though. I really loved my years of playing Magic.
Durandal you've missed out on tons since then.

Yeah, I know. It's fun, but it gets to be too much after a while. I had some friends who played a bit longer than I did, so I'm familiar with stuff up through the Odyssey block, but since then, I've been completely out of the Magic loop.

But I'll always look back fondly on my days of Necropotence and Dual Lands and Icy Stasis decks...
I used to play alot about 2 years ago but kinda got out of it when I left home and all my card playing friends. I always loved green decks. I always hated that the tournies usually required you to have the most recent block and didnt allow older cards.
I've played the game, but (very unwilling admit) my mate was to smart to think up combos. We played during VI and into 7th Ed... I liked NE Mercenaries frvk; he liked them Rebels.
Combos are always fun when you think them up and they work greatly. Its the good ones that end up never woking or coming together in the draw of cards that get alot of people discouraged.

Took me several years off and on before I started winning more ofthen than not. Or atleast playing wll beore losing.

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