The Dark Knight (2008)

How much are you looking foward to this movie?

  • A little

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • A lot

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • Can't freaken wait!

    Votes: 7 50.0%
  • not very

    Votes: 2 14.3%

  • Total voters
Wow, quiet thread, I see. :p

I recently re-watched both: The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Both were good, but I TDK was clearly better for me.
I enjoyed this movie.

The aspect that I liked best was the formation and execution of the Gotham triumvirate. Like Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey found that Rome's political, social, economic, and judicial systems no longer functioned for the betterment of the people, so Batman (Wayne), Dent, and Gordon found that their cultural systems were outdated and ineffective.

I could watch a ten hour movie that focuses on just the triumvirate.

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