Buffy comics, season 8

Patrick Mahon

Would-be author
Feb 15, 2006
Not all of us - I'm slowly collecting the Dark Horse hardback edition of the s8 comics, but at £22.50 each, its a birthday and Christmas thing, I'm afraid...

I was lucky enough to get hold of volume 2 of the large hardback editions of Buffy Season 8 recently. I'd read the smaller softback collections of the comics, and loved them, but the larger format artwork is wonderful! How are you getting on with them, Pyan?

And what about season 9 - and now 10? Anyone reading them?

Perpetual Man

Tim James
Jun 13, 2006
I've continued reading, and enjoyed season 9, really taking the Buffyverse in anew direction, while still being true to the series. The production of the comics has changed a bit, with a single writer completing all issues (still under the direction of Joss Whedon allegedly).

They are just coming towards the end of season 11 now, which has worked a little better as they have kept the season shorter, just keeping it to Buffy and Angel over the 12 months rather than nearly two years each series. (Angel has been the weaker of the two titles.)

Season 11 has been the best since season 8 seeing some major changes in the Buffyverse. (Not saying too much because of spoilers!)
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