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Sep 11, 2006
Anyone want to buy Terri's Cottage,

TERRI WINDLING's Devon house went on the market with a unique selling
point: `The images adorning the walls of Weavers Cottage were created by
a British artist who won an Oscar for best set decoration on _The Lord
Of The Rings_. Alan Lee's _The Goblin Market_ mural is based on Christina
Rossetti's 19th century "fairy tale" poem of female sexuality. It is
housed in the kitchen ...' Other artists involved were Brian Froud and
Charles Vess. The estate agent naturally tries to have it both ways: `the
murals had added Pounds25,000 to the value of the cottage. But the new
owner could paint over them if they wished.:confused:
... and Devon is such a lovely place to visit too! Is it near the sea?
I'm currently residing in Exeter. I sorely lack the funds for a new house, but if someone wants to buy it for me, I'll be happy to live there :p

Edit: After some quick detective work, I've found out that it's only 20 miles (or 40 minutes, apparently) away! Well there you go...you learn something new everyday!

Edit edit: which I could have easily found out if I had looked at the links in the above posts...which I have done now, and the cottage looks absolutely beautiful! Ah, if only I had £380,000 going spare...
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Well, I work out that it would cost us less than £30. or $57US/45 euros , if everyone in Chronicles contributed!
Mind you, it would also mean we could each stay in the house for 40 minutes per year - just time for a cup of tea and a look at the murals.:D
Wow, only £30?!!! Let's do it! :D
Of course, being one of those lucky ones who live very close to it, I think I should be able to visit it the most...hell, in fact, I might as well live there, you've got to have someone looking after the place :p
Don't be silly, you'd never get your tail through the door.
Now, some of us are used to small living areas.
I'm not that big and I can squueze myself through small gaps. I'd feel quite at home in such a cosy little cottage. And if I have to leave my tail poking out of the window, or scrunch a wing against a wall, then so be it!
You look like you're having trouble pulling yourself out of that hole, so I doubt you could squeeze yourself into a cottage!
Yes, but if I can get my head in, the rest will follow. At least I don't have those vulgar wings!
And I'm a nice elegant green, not traffic-cone orange! Who's yer father-David Dickinson??
Oooh...too far, Squidy, too far!
And you call that musty green elegant? You'd get lost in a tub of peas!
Right, that does it! I'm off to R'yleh for a good sulk! May you eat bad coke and explode!

(Actually I've got to go and get the kids tea, but that's not so impressive)

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