Little summer break

Dan Jones

Der Vater absurder Geschichten
Nov 14, 2014
I am here to do the thing!
Those of you who've made it a habit to tune in regularly to listen to us might have noticed that we've not had a new episode up for a little while. Well, mea culpa maxima. I've had a very busy period recently with work, and I've also been dealing with some developments with my own writing as well (perhaps more on that another time). Because of that, I've had no choice but to let the podcast slip a little - just too many plates to spin at once.

So it seems we (by which I mean I) have taken an unintended and unscheduled break for the summer. However, it will just be a break, as we do have our next round of guests lined up, including some very interesting ones, and I am motivated to keep the show going. So stay with us!

In the meantime, for those of you desperate for some Chronscast content, I'm sure @Phyrebrat could post some videos of him voguing to see you through these long summer nights.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!