Pick One Favorite Word - and a little bit why


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Jan 30, 2023
I'll start with the word, "Mostly"

This is a sleeper word. In general it would seem not to have a lot of use.
There are two great cultural references for this word that makes "mostly" powerful when used correctly.

Douglas Adams:
Earth: Mostly Harmless

The movie Aliens:
Newt: "They come out at night, Mostly."
As soon as I think of the world 'mostly' it's either Aliens or The Fast Show.

I do like onomatopoeiac words that pronounced just as they are, such as 'woof', 'drip' or 'plop'. But I had to choose one word, it would probably be one that described the object in the most appropriate way, so I'll choose 'dreadnought'..
Well. I meant one word at a time. -- Instead of a list of words. People like making lists on this forum. One word in a post lets the reader contemplate that word for a bit, savor the word, and understand why it is so much more awesome than it is given credit for.

For my next word I choose Rupture.

Technically not onomatopoeic, but to me it still sounds like it feels. As both a noun and a verb Rupture lets you know that this is more than just a hole. Excitement is happening here.

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