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Mar 21, 2005
Hi all.

This may have been done before but I thought it might be useful to have a post here on handy links to classic SFF authors, articles etc... to be used as both a resource and center for learnning more about some of the authors commonly mentioned here.

Here's a link from Rusty Burke's (Howard scholar) site listing many useful links to various authors:
Oh, Good Lord, GOLLUM, do you realize what you've done???? :eek:

Okay, folks... if you don't see me again until I'm old and grey(er) ... it's all G's fault!:p

Thanks, buddy! This looks like it has an enormous amount of information to look into!
It is.

I presuume you know of Rusty, one of the best resources on the net for all things Howard...

I'll be adding further "useful" links on classic SFF over time.
Oh, yes, I'm quite familiar with Rusty's reputation, and some of his work... Certainly one of, if not the, best of the Howard scholars. It is the work of people like R.B. that is causing a revaluation of Howard's own work, as people realize just how much better a writer he was than has been thought, due to poorly edited and often adulterated versions of his own material (much as what happened to the other two W.T. musketeers, HPL and CAS).

Thanks again, and I look forward to the other information you mention.
Speaking of "poorly edited and often adulterated versions of his own material" we're not just referring to books witness those Conan movies starring "Arnie".
GOLLUM said:
Speaking of "poorly edited and often adulterated versions of his own material" we're not just referring to books witness those Conan movies starring "Arnie".

Ummm, GOLLUM... let's not even go there, please. I've spent an awful lot of years repressing those memories, thank you....*shudder*;)
OK, here's a link I've used before that provides a most comprehensive listing including coverart of Weird Tales Mags past and present.

You can thank me for it later JD...:p

Another very helpful link for anyone new to classic Gothic literature and supernatrualist writings up to the 1950s and wishing in particular to research this area.
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*sigh* GOLLUM, thank you... but I don't know whether to thank you or cry... I had about 29 issues of the original pulp for many years, and had to sell them about 13 years ago... looking at those covers smarts!:( But it's nice to see them again, anyway....

I do have some of the later issues, after their third revival, and the Lin Carter edited volumes, as well...

Oh, and thanks for the link to the Gothics, as well... Gaston de Blondeville is the only one of Mrs. Radcliffe's novels I don't own (though I have read)... nice to know there was finally a paperback edition that I may be able to afford someday....
Nice to see articles on Jirel, Page's version of Prester John, and Kuttner's Elak of Atlantis ... speaking of which: do you happen to know if anyone ever collected together all the Elak stories or, better yet, all the sword-and-sorcery that Kuttner wrote (he had another series, as I recall, though only two stories were in it: "Cursed Be the City" and "The Citadel of Darkness")? Also, has anyone ever collected together Clifford Ball's three stories in this vein: "Duar the Accursed", "The Thief of Forthe" and "The Goddess Awakens"?
Well last year Centipede Press put out a beuatifully bound copy of Kuttner and Moore's work. It doesn't cover all of their work but certainly the better known stories. It's entitled The Two-Handed Engine. Probably the most comprehensive collection of both authors in the single publication. Only a run of 300 though and pretty pricey.

There were several Kuttner collections over the years of course that are available but I'm not aware of one that gathers all of his S&S work together in a single volume. Not to suggest categorically there isn't.

Those 3 works by Ball have defnitely not been collected in a single edition, only appearing in seperate anthologies.

Sorry I haven't got happier news on that front.

EDIT: As I said his S&S may not be all in the one compilation but a series Elak Of Atlantis was put out in the mid '80s, now out of print. It collects together all of the Elak stories. I've never seen a copy, just heard of it.

If you're including his 2 tales about Prince Raynor, there's a booklet format with an Intro by DeCamp published back in 1987 called simply Prince Raynor. Also found in Wagner's antholgoy Echoes Of Valor III and probably other sources besides.
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Thank you... don't have the third volume of Echoes of Valor, so I need to track that down eventually... nor the collection of the Elak tales (they should all fit in one volume, as there were only 4 or 5 novelettes and short stories); I've got them in scattered anthologies, but not both Raynor stories -- I do have one, but not the other. Thanks for the information, and I'll see what I can find out.
j. d. worthington said:
don't have.....the collection of the Elak tales (they should all fit in one volume, as there were only 4 or 5 novelettes and short stories)
I think the Elak collection is in a kind of chap book format JD or maybe I'm dreaming? and unless you get it from Amazon, out of print/hard to get....
Thanks for the link there Gollum.

Many a nights reading.
Now what am I going to do? I discovered Chronicles by accident and today find myself horrified at how long I am spending on it. Now something else that will keep my bug eyes glued to the screen for up to 26 hours a day! One good thing, though - I've been trying to do this for absolutely ages and now I think I've cracked it! Losing weight! I don't have time to shop for food let alone leave my PC long enough to eat it!

But anyway - thanks GOLLUM - it looks hugely interesting.
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I was going to include a link to Thrud but I am not allowed to post links yet...

I apologise. I couldn't resist - even if I failed in the attempt.

I shall slink away now.
Actually if you could possibly not include a link to Thrud here I would appreciate it as this is definitely outside the scope of this current thread.

If you wish to start a new thread on that in the comics section perhaps?...:)

Cheers and welcome aboard.

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