Naked Venom out now!

Michelle O'neil

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Jul 29, 2006
Hello Everyone!
My newest book, Naked Venom is out now from Double-Dragon-ebooks
I hope you'll all stop by this fine publisher and check it out

Here's a description of the story:

The General Gavin Theron is a *******.

Raised in a *****house by his human prostitute mother, he has had to struggle all his life to obtain power and position. His successes have brought him enemies though, lots of them, and they are about to strike. When Gavin is falsely accused of the king’s murder, he has few allies willing to help him. That was until he met the visiting human from Earth, Doctor Harlan Ambrose. Now he must face the worse struggle of his life, thank the gods he won’t be doing it alone.

Harlan Ambrose is a contract doctor from Earth stationed on the harsh and dangerous planet of AEssyria. Although far from home and lonely, she has grown to enjoy her time here. That was until she met the half-breed alien general, Gavin Theron. Now the treacherous general has hijacked her life and threatened her livelihood, and nothing will ever be the same.

I really need honest reviews of this book on the website so I hope you all will stop by and check it out. The first chapter is free!
Thanks ! SF fans are the best!
Michelle O'Neill

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