2.6: The Mysterious Mister Smith


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Dec 30, 2000
Teleplay By: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: Mike Vejar

Summary: Kurdy is beginning to wonder about Mister Smith. Sure, the guy keeps saving his life, but who is he? Why does he tell each person he meets that he comes from their home town and why does he take photographs of anything and everything? It's time to find out what this man's agenda is.

While Kurdy spies on his new friend, Jeremiah and Libby find that Milhaven is not the peaceful community is appears. A family of escapees from one of Daniels' work camps comes to town with a hair-raising story - and some very nasty dudes hot on their trail. Jeremiah had not planned to end up the sheriff of Milhaven but, with the citizens refusing aid, he may have to face the inevitable showdown alone.

At nightfall, Kurdy follows Mister Smith to an abandoned house, where he discovers Mister Smith's collection of photographs. Then he trails the man to a clearing where Mister Smith tells a furtive group of people about events at Thunder Mountain. Cornered by an enraged Kurdy, Mister Smith offers an astonishing explanation.

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This episode was another awesome one, I wasn't sure about Jeremiah in Millhaven but I have to say that this was really cool.
I specially love seeing Jeremiah trying to have fun and not wanting to be the guy in charge. Also how easy he change his attitude when the family that escape from Daniel's camp appear.

His reaction to the newspaper was really cool and how he make Frank come with him to defend the town. Also love his idea to end the threat of Daniel's guys.

All the thing with Mister Smith was really amazing. I specially love the first scene between Markus and Kurdy in the cafeteria, it was really funny to see Markus trying to learn if God give him a message and when Mister Smith say he forgot the salt how he try to cover it. :lol:

The thing about the pictures he takes and why he tells the group the things he says was really incredible. Interesting that when Kurdy ask him is Jeremiah too would do history he says maybe in other way. Also the explanation of why he tells everybody that he's from their place was interesting. He's definitely an enigma, and I'm sure we'll learn more about him as the Season progress.

Krystal :cool:

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