OUTSIDERS (a scifi about AI and mysterious wraiths and going on secret missions) is available now! (And discounted!)

W Collier

OUTSIDERS is real! wccollier.com
May 14, 2021
Hello, sci-fi fans! My first ever novel (at least, first fit for human consumption) is available today on Amazon and the other major vendors. Outsiders is part military techno-thriller, part science fiction conspiracy story, and part character study, following the story of Melody Ritter, a girl studying for a master's in AI software dev who ends up discovering and then trying to fight against a conspiracy which drags her around the world and into a global war. Here's the pitch:

A special forces unit on what should have been an uncontested extraction op is ambushed and nearly wiped out before something unseen comes out of the forest and turns the tide of their battle. Meanwhile, half a world away, a young woman juggling a gaming habit, a new boyfriend, and a Master’s degree in AI discovers something unimaginable: a world-spanning neural network secretly embedded in the Internet. And it’s thinking about something. She tries to figure out what, and that’s when someone tries to kill her, too.

And then there’s the wraith.

A lowly intelligence analyst will put these and other pieces together, and discover the apocalyptic picture hidden in the puzzle, but he is not the hero. He will die for his diligence. It is the student, Melody Ritter, who will pursue the truth without surrender, when all others falter, and who will discover that she is capable of doing almost anything necessary to uncover it and expose it to the world.

I've tried to do right by the military and science realism, but I've also tried to do right by the characters and not let technical details get in the way of the human story. If you enjoy military thrillers, you'll like this, of course, but if you're not usually into that sort of thing, you might give this a try anyway. It's really about Melody, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary mind, about her adventures, about her personal fight to defend the truth when no one else is willing, and about her evolution from unassuming student into something new. Hopefully, people enjoy it, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

If you do like it, feel free to stop by my author site and say hello and tell me what you enjoyed.

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