Tarzan & Jane.......... & Lucy Lawless aka Xena!


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Sep 23, 2003
Hey everyone,
Yeah, Tarzan & Jane, a new series has almost premiered, i can't wait to see it! I'm so excited!

I'm a big Xena fan, so it's aplus that Lucy Lawless aka Xena is going to be in the show as well!

Did you guys know that Xena Season 2 is out on DVD now? It's so cool! I got mine at best buy! And also at www.xenahercules.com ITS WORTH IT!

Big career change. Sophisticated primitive to sophisticated primitive lover. Isn't that called typecasting?

moved to Xena forum as it seems to be more about Ms Xena
You can't be a warrior princess all of your life, an actress' job is to act....... the more versitile the roles, the more talent they desplay, the more value their material and work has..............

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