Greystoke - The Legend of Tarzan


Jun 1, 2004
I saw this movie recently and though I have misgivings with the latter half of the film, it does have quite a bit of attraction to it.

My own thoughts of it in detail I have put in a review here

It'd be good to hear other people's opinions :)
I have this movie b/c I'm a big Christopher Lambert fan, and it's an enjoyable film. Parts are a little dull, but overall, it's not bad.

It's been a while since I've seen it though.
Gosh it has been quite awhile since I saw this movie. I did enjoy it though. I have always liked Christopher Lambert (although I wish he would speak up a bit more, his voice is very soft, even when he is angry) Probably preferred him in Highlander!
I'm not sure Chris knew much English in this movie. I've heard that "Highlander" was his first fully English speaking role, b/c me only spoke French before that. I know that when the directors / PTB for "Highlander" met Chris for the first time, they didn't realize he only spoke French, so he had to learn English for their film. I figure "Greystoke" was mostly him 'mimicking' words.

But yes, he does have a quiet voice. At least he doesn't mutter the whole time like Heath Ledger in "Brokeback Mountain" - ugh that was annoying.

I'd also heard that in "Greystoke" they dubbed Glen Close's voice over Andie MacDowell's... which is kind of odd.

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