Tarzan: The Legend of Greystoke

Mark Robson

Dragon Writer
Aug 31, 2004
Daventry - England
When I think of Tarzan, my mind automatically goes back to the series with Ron Ely that I loved as a boy. However, if this is your image of Tarzan: the cultured gentleman who has returned to the jungle to escape civilization, then you will need to set it aside to read Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy by Andy Briggs. Here we have Tarzan as he was originally intended: savage, brutal Lord of the jungle, willing to brave any danger to protect his domain.

Of all the books I've read in the past twelve months... and that's a surprisingly large number even by my standards... this is by far my favourite to date. I am immensely impressed, as Andy has managed to capture the spirit of the original Edgar Rice-Burroughs Tarzan stories whilst simultaneously recreating it as a 21st Century legend with stunning style.

The opening chapter is an absolute corker that hits you right between the eyes, paving the way for a tale of adventure the like of which I haven't read for a number of years. It has everything I could wish for in a story: a great cast of colourful characters, a larger than life hero with a feisty female counterpart, (Jane Porter, who is excellently portrayed) nasty bad guys, danger at every turn, high drama, chases, fights, just a touch of romance... and, oh yes... dangerous animals - lots and lots of dangerous animals. It's classic stuff - brilliant! Totally brilliant and utterly captivating. I literally could not put this book down - it went everywhere with me as I was reading it. And when I finished it, it continued to go everywhere with me for several weeks as I waved it under people's noses saying 'You've got to read this!'.

If you want a fantastic read for the Summer Holidays, get Tarzan - you won't be disappointed. This is going to be right at the top of my recommends for MUST READ BOOKS in the summer of 2011. Drop whatever you're reading and order your copy right now!

The Edgar Rice-Burroughs Tarzan books are considered classics. Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy by Andy Briggs more than deserves a place alongside those works. It will ensure that the legend of the Lord of the Jungle continues to thrive well into the 21st Century.
When I think of Tarzan, my mind goes to the Phil Collins song from the Disney movie :D

Anyway, sounds interesting. I'll have to add it to the 'must read' pile.
Sorry guys, but I've read Tarzan of the Apes, no substitute accepted any longer. I did enjoy the Disney movie, but had to.... try... to forget that they called it tarzan.

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