Possible SG spinoffs (S7 & 8 Spoilers)

As far as I know there are some *really* good fanfics by Lori out there and she wrote some wonderful episode reviews.

She definately has a way with words ;)
Lori's fic...

Yep. She's also got a mundane Fantasy novel out there in print [one of a 5 part set].

I dont think it matters who the writer is or what her fannish afiliations are - its screamng funny - and people should know about it so they can read it

It's all another storm in a tea cup but unfortunately its our tea set and party?

Sigh if they ever do a sequel to Wormhole Extreme maybe it better be SG1 visits a W-X convention hunting for aliens disguised as fans ... see the epic battle to get Tealc out of the dealers' room watch Sam shudder at the science panels see Daniel throw up thru the mythology and religion panel ... and watch guest star Jonas explain to fans what eating and smiling and smiling and eating and eating and smiling IN FRONT OF ATTRACTIVE EARTH FEMALES really means for Kewllonians!

Isnt anyone going to ask me what that really means?

:rolly2: :p ;)
the only thing i'm going to say about certain people is that last jan/feb when there was a bobw sg con in sydney which i couldnt afford to attend I posted a public note offering to arrange a lunch meeting outside the con and asking if anyone attending american or local would like to go to yum cha or some restaurant near the convention

Maybe the people you wanted to meet with already had made plans, or didn't see your note. From what I've heard, these conventions are expensive to attend, short, and the people may have had a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in.
I'ld really rather not discuss that further since its not the main topic and frankly the reason I'm still sensitive about it was the behaviour of one particular individual - well email me if you want the details - otherwise can we get back to discussing satire?

Folks - I'ld just like to remind those who have visited my satire site that you're welcome to make use of our new UNofficial anti- mascot / scapegoat - Yes if you see an incident of fannish or pro misbehaviour - please feel to post DARK CAPER alerts!

Remember folks if you see egos running rampant