Well, judging from past experience with 'Big Bads' on this show, he's probably off somewhere preparing for pantomime season.

The writers of this show don't do too well with the alien baddie elements. They either kill 'em off quick to provide the Fab Four (SG1) with their kudos for saving the universe and earth yet again, or they turn them into drag artists with even worse dress sense than the worst transvestite usually has.

They do a lot better line in baddies that work for the more nefarious elements of the US government. Which just proves the old maxim of 'write about what you know' and let's face it, the US entertainment industry have been writing those sorts of scripts and characters for the past 70 odd years. Ask them to create and maintain a good alien baddy and you might as well just call it a day.

I understand that Mallozzi and Mullie, our local neighbourhood Stargate writers of acclaim were keeping old Nuby under wraps because "they intended to have a little fun with the character"

Apparently they're having so much fun with him that they've decided to keep him under wraps permanently.

:rolleyes: :evil: ;)
too true it took 4 seasons to finally kill of apophis but they only have season 7 to kill this character i wonder how it will end?
I can't remember...have we seen his face yet? I still think he's an Asgard host or something...

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