ANUBIS at Gatecon!


Gatecon C4
Oct 25, 2000
Actor David Palffy will also be joining us this year. David has played both Sokhar and Anubis in the show.

The current guest list now stands at:
Corin Nemec
Teryl Rothery
Don S Davis
JR Bourne
Peter Williams
Jay Acovone
Douglas Arthurs
Alex Zahara
Frida Betrani
David Palffy
Colin Cunningham
plus two members of Rainmaker Visual Effects team

Seats are still up for grabs on the Stargate studio tour, as are seats on the city filming location tour (but you need to hold a convention ticket to take part in these events).
I can't make it for the City Tour this year, Richard!:( :( I have to work.....:mad:

But I will see you Sept 11 - 14th.

One request: I think the Charity Auction should feature more of the costumes & props from the set. I think most of the fan items are sweet, but we barely made a dent in the costumes & props:rolly2: . And later, these items were auctioned off on eBay, which is not half as fun as seeing them auction off at Gatecon!:D

Just a suggestion!

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