Who do you think Anubis really is?


Teal'c of Chulak
Dec 14, 2001
Warning Spoilers********************

Just woundering who you guys think Anubis really is ?
Hey Everyone,

I keep forgetting you guys may not have seen Full Circle yet! Stay tuned, we learn more about Anubis towards the end of Season 6..... and that's all I really should say at the moment! (Or at least I should say that I'm being very careful about what I write, 'cause I don't want to give anything away. However, if you don't mind spoilers, email me and I will happily fill you in.)

Nekhen x
hehehe (Shaz feels mischevious!)

I have seen Full Circle - but I have my own theories about Anubisis true identity!!!!

1. Anubis is in fact: Apophis! :eek: (hey its been done before!)


2. Anubis is really the lord of a new evil race: the "Nubis's" :p


3. Anubis is.... Darth Vador?

4. A long lost son of Micheal Jackson?

5. The smoking man?

OR, my personal favorite...

6. Anubis is the alter ego of the late "Chinese Submarine Spy" Prime Ministor Harold Holt!:rolly2: :nuts:


The possibilities are endless.......
;) ;)

P.S. (I really need Cat for this - her conspiricies are much more brilliant then mine!)
Haha, that's great SHaz. I'm personally hoping he's Apophis in some way, even though I know that will never happen. The smoking man huh? Hmm always a possibility.
Well my suspicion is that it is him in some weird way but is there anyway to confirm that peter williams is still working on stargate sg1 ?
Unfortunaly no. As much as we may want Peter to come back i don't think he will.
I think some of us have some idea of who he really is... I might have read a spoiler somewhere without realising... but I certainly won't give it away! ;)

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