1.19: Things Left Unsaid - Part I


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Dec 30, 2000
1:19 Things Left Unsaid Part I

Written by: J. Michael Straczynski
Directed By: Mike Vejar

Opening Simon's journal, their guidebook on groups to contact, Jeremiah sees something he missed before. One page - the last one - has been cut out. He and Kurdy try to find out who did it and why.

This episode was just awesome! :rolly2: I love it from beginning till the end. So many questions answers and so many new situations brought. The word for the entire episode is WOW! ;)
The tense situation between Kurdy and Jeremiah, the situation of Jeremiah with Thunder Mountain and Markus. But about all the Brothers of The Apocalypse story and the BD coming back. That was awesome. And I really love that they close some of the stories we have seen in the other episodes neatly in this episode. Truely a great episode. Looking forward to see next one, Season Finale and definitely D'Bomb!

Krystal :p
Re: 1:19 Things Left Unsaid Part I

Originally posted by Krystal
And I really love that they close some of the stories we have seen in the other episodes neatly in this episode.

Yes, Michael Straczynski is good on his story arcs. I'm glad that Lee Chen has been discovered. I never liked him much.

Nice to see David McCallum in something again. I recognised the voice instantly, but it took me ages to think who it was.

Where are the 'Sisters of the Apocalypse'? Is the only woman to survive the BigDeath, Meaghan? Are there any other older women? Why did all the men become celibate? Wouldn't a more logical course of action be to go forth and multiply, and to re-populate the new world with 'God's' chosen people?
Re: Re: 1:19 Things Left Unsaid Part I

Good question about the "Sisters of the Apocalypse". :D At the moment it looks like Meaghan is the only one althought we haven't see yet Valhalla Sector so it could be they have some military womans there. :lol:

I really love to see David again, I didn't recognize his voice but is have pass so much time since I see him in something. But it was so cool.

Definitely one of the things I love of Jms is his stories. Definitely this man have talent. :D

As for Lee Chen I can't say I like him but he definitely was the character that most make me think in all the Season. For me he's an enigma and I'm sure we haven't see all about him yet. So I'm looking for Season 2 for more answers or should I say more intrigue. :eek:

Krystal :rain:

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