Clone Wars: New TV show.

i think its a combination of both, although it i cant really say for sure, because i havent seen anything on the next movie yet, so it might just be from the show(shrugs):rolly2:
My son reports that Cartoon Network has begun to air the Clone Wars shorts. He's seen two of them, and they are on about 4pm. I've not seen them yet, but he doesn't think much of them either.
Wondered if they were going to be an attempt to fill in a few gaps. But having seen one it looks more like an attempt to cash in using cheap animation from a failed console game. :(
i agree with u Ray, it seems like a combi getting some money out of it, and also trying to mabye grab some more attention for the failing star wars universe:rolly2:
I've just see part of one:

Darth Tyrannus was fighting something with a skull for a head and then introduced it to his Master, Darth Sideous, who now apparently travels around on a turntable with three mechanical legs :(
lol, no dave that wasnt darth Sideous it was a holo prjection of him, and the "turn table" was infact just a mobile projector u can also see one of the same desighn in the first movie Phantom Menace:rolly2:
I've seen all twenty of these now and the stories are a little hit and miss, some being much better than the others. Because they are so short and because there is no constant narrative throughout, other than them being set during the Clone Wars, they seem very disjointed.

You do get to see why Obi Wan and Anakin become so respected as Jedi warriors. You don't get very much background to General Grevious (which is what I was looking to see.) One interesting part is an underwater battle featuring Kit Fitso. There is a great deal of animated explosions and lightsabre fighting, if that is what you crave! ;)
yeah i enjoyed it for what it was, a filler for the time between movies. and besides it was funny to see SW animated:D :rolly2:

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