The Clone Wars cancelled

The only rubbish I smell is that of Disney pulling the plug on a hugely successful show because they fear it might take some of the spotlight of the new movie(s) coming out. If that is the case, those movies had better be stellar because they are making Star Wars fans angry and resentful. The have also pulled the plug on several video games and Star Wars: Detours, an animated cgi spoof of all things Star Wars. I thought Clone Wars was going to Disney XD, but alas it seems they want to wipe the slate clean for their new product/investment. Logical, I guess. Kinda heartless, though. Oh yeah, they pulled the 3D Star Wars movies from being released, too.
The happie$t place on Earth.
With all respect it cannot be a question of $$ since all those things you list would bring them plenty more $$. So, it would have to be more a question of artistic direction - misguided no doubt - unquestionably wrong too - but not simply $$. These large corporations and studios need to learn that it does not bode well to upset the fans and yet always the fans seem to be the very last of their concerns.
In all fairness wasn't the Clone Wars initially supposed to be a 5 year story arc?
Its hard to believe anything in the corporate world is not influenced by money, and although Disney is a family targeted fun time business, they are still in it for a bankroll. Admittidly, some of the things I listed might have been just fine by some to sweep under the rug such as the 3D films and another parody of our beloved universe, do we really need that? But the Clone Wars was really a smash hit that yes, did have an approximate 5 year plan as that is what Cartoon Network had a contract for. This series does have a somewhat limited lifespan built into it and they already have updated the look and feel from an Episode 2 look to more of an Episode 3 look and the end was on the horizon. What is frustrating is the reports indicated season six was going to Disney XD as they were already working on it, so why rush it? Why cancel the half made season? They will put the material out in some form or another for us to enjoy....but it was an odd move.
Although it is not in the official news feeds, I did find this about the show:

It seems Disney is being rather harsh about something a lot of people care a great deal for. Disbanding and letting artists go who have made a very successful show for five years? They seem to to want to wipe the slate completely clean and have nothing but Episode 7 stuff from now on....while I know there has to be a direction focus of some means, this is not comforting at all. 3d movies, games that were 99% done, action figure lines several animated series all destroyed.

I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this. has reported that, as part of the Lucasfilm reorganization for Episode VII and other upcoming projects, the Clone Wars team has been disbanded, meaning that instead of a full Season Six, we'll be seeing what's being called "bonus content." And, according to's sources, that content won't answer our questions about the fates of Ahsoka and Asajj Ventress. Today, it reports that Lucasfilm will release just two of the planned Season Six arcs.

I will boycott Disney in the future.

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