URGENT: Serpents Venom red glitch on DVD R2!


Oct 7, 2002
As they try to use the rings to transport Teal'c onboard on my dvd there seems to be a red line or something that flashes through the scene.

Is this a common problem or is it just on my dvd cause I need to know for the returns policy which gives me 14 day to return it.

Also there seems to have been a sticker on it which was removed.
Maybe someone can tell me what was on the sticker.

The dvd is the Benelux version.

Thank for any help you can give me!!
Hi Selket,

Not sure if this is good or bad news, but, despite not seeing it the first time, the red line DOES also appear on the UK issue of that DVD at chapter 4, 37:08, for two frames, misses one, then appears again for one.
100000x THANK YOU

Overall it is good news! At least now I don't have return it.
I hate returning any thing Stargate!


This is not my favorite volume but I like ep. The Curse the best.

Again thank you ever so much for your help!!!

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