A little reworking --

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001

guess you can see the reworking/restructuring --

Just to clue everyone in -- had a little conversation w/ one of the admins and realized that there was a slight misunderstanding about the format for episode discussion --

In the smaller forums for older shows - the episode threads don't need to be 'sticky'd to the top (I had done it earlier, partly b/c they would drop off and the forum would look empty), they only need to be sticky'd for the current shows (it prevents multiple threads of the same episode) ---

So, anyway -- I've just left "Last Knight" stuck to the top, along w/ the FK Merch thread -- everything else is unstuck and in last post date order --- and none of the threads should drop off the page now b/c the date counter thing that you can see at the bottom of the thread listing has been reset -

So - post away! Don't be shy!!

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