6.21: Prophecy


Am I the only one who thought this episode was cool? I mean, that vision of the SGC under attack was REALLY cool! It reminded me a lot of the pilot. Y'know, with the Jaffa coming through the gate, blasting soldiers and soldiers futily firing back. It was amazing!

Two questions though:

1) In that vision, was Sgt. Davis killed? The first shot comes through the window, breaking the glass and injuring Hammond and destroying one of the computers. We then see Hammond get up off the floor, but Davis is still lying there. Was he dead?

2) After this vision starts to come true, Hammond fills the gateroom and surrounding corridors with soldiers. All of them are holding armor-shields to protect against staff blasts. One problem though, why don't they close the blast door? The Control Room is wide-open to attack. As the vision showed, the first shot hits the control room, injuring the people in there and stopping them from closing the iris.Wouldn't it be prudent to close it? They closed it in that episode where staff blasts started coming through the gate.

Speaking of that previous episode (I forget the title), a Staff Blast hits the window of the control room, but doesn't break it. So why does the glass break in this episode? Have the Jaffa started using more powerful staffs?

I also liked the vision of the two teams under attack by the gate. Seeing Teal'c get shot was a highlight. I like the way Teal'c gets shot, looks at O'Neill and then tries to get back up to return fire, but gets shot again. Not to mention I LOVED the bit where O'Neill, realising he's done for, just opens up at all the surrounding Jaffa with his Zat.;)
i think its one of the best episodes in season 6, but i pretty much like every single episode, no matter how boring.
IMHO this episode had the rare combination of being season 6 and of reasonably good quality. It was a welcome change to see Jaffa portrayed as skilled and loyal soldiers.
Davis was lying motionless after being hit by a blast from a weapon designed to kill. I would guess he was either dead or dying when Hammond got up. Although Davis would most certainly have been finished off by the detonation that destroyed the SGC.
I have no explanation why Gen Hammond didn't order the blast doors to be closed and am unsure of the protocol for this situation.
It is possible the shots that came though the gate were from a heavy staff emplacement with more power than a regular staff weapon. I am unsure whether these shots were intended to destroy the command post, divert attention from the shock grenade or provide suppression fire for the advancing troops.
Originally posted by Sindri
I have no explanation why Gen Hammond didn't order the blast doors to be closed and am unsure of the protocol for this situation.
I would imagine that Hammond would want to know whether their plan worked - it was entirely possible the attack had been averted, and closing the blast shield only takes a few seconds...
Sgt. Davis

After listening to the DVD commentary for this episode, I've found out that there the director did actually add the touch of having Davis' monitor have a hole through it, even though it wasn't seen in the episode. This meant that a staff-blast actually went through his monitor and killed him.

So yes, he was dead when Hammond looked at him.

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