The Third Prophecy of Hybobolus Clune


Sci-Fi Seanachaí
Aug 15, 2021
A Sci-Fi adventure that's pure sh*te.

Set in the 1990s Irish rave scene, the story follows six friends who have one night to save the human race. The narration is free, lasts 3.5hrs, turns a long commute into an enjoyable experience, and will leave you in a good mood -that's a promise. Am trying to work the thing into a proper text (I've learned that's a lot harder than spoofing through a narration, but it'll get there some day).

If you choose to take on the mission you can downland it here, or it's on YouTube, or PM me and I'll mail the .MP3.
Putting this out as a series on Spotify -19 episodes, starting on Friday 26/11/21. Took three all nighters and about 46 cups of coffee to record, and seems a shame to leave it die a death on YouTube. It's not bad, and there's definitely nothing else like it about -just uploaded a one min trailer type thing.
The Third Prophecy of Hybobolus Clune
Nobody would have believed that in the last years of the twentieth century our human affairs were being watched form the timeless worlds of space. Few people would have considered the possibility of a vicious extraterrestrial invasion force arriving into our solar system. Or that it would be defeated by six crusties in a Ford Transit.

But such is the way of the Universe.

Here is their story...

Chapter 1 - The Invasion

*will leave this thread in peace at that ...if you take on the mission 18 more episodes will follow at the link above
'What do you get if you mash up a bit of Tarantino, the humour of Mel Blanc and the whit of Roddy Doyle?'

If @Bren G 's review of 'Hyb doesn't inspire ya to give it a go ...then the Irish Space Force is just not for you;)

Brendan Gavin's Indie Corner review

Turns out I lied in the thread above -didn't think anyone would be reviewing it.
Inspired by another Chron's publishing method (@Justin Swanton has a lot to answer for!):

The Turd Prophecy

The true story of how Faf, Pa, Martina, Kevin, Sandra, and Billy 'The Rant' (and to a lesser extent Gerry McLaughlin) saved humanity from annihilation.

4th July 1996 (Fight statistics)

  • Special weapon: The most formidable interstellar combat vessel the Universe has ever known.
  • Short range fighters: 136
  • Photon cannons: 85
  • Trained combatants: 137

  • Special weapon: A rusty Ford Transit.
  • Short range fighters: 0
  • Photon cannons: 0
  • Trained combatants: 0

Can Kevin demonstrate that Gerry McLaughlin is not as deadly as everyone thinks he is?

Will Sandra believe something that's not a conspiracy theory?

Will Faf find a toilet?

(Answers: Possibly, possibly, and no)

Read Chapter 1 here.
Class -to my knowledge you'd be the first internet viewer to give it a go (unless that's sarcasm -no offense if it was!). There's something in the story. Will upland an amazon ebook thingy when time allows. (y)
'What happened next was a rare moment of Zardonian incompetence. Even if any of the witnesses had survived, they would have died shortly afterwards, because the punishment for that incompetence would have been death. Rattled by an enemy whose tactics were proving impossible to predict they all fired at once. In the direction of the explosion. Where their rounds found nothing, and continued towards the window of docking hatch L361. And caused it to stop being a window. Every last fighter in the squad was instantly sucked out through the place where the window had been. Which may have been for the best.'​

...and if ya can stomach more of that The Turd is up to Chapter 17 (the fireside SF version of the chapter is below)
Chapter 19, and that's it! The internet logs say no readers, which is only three less than my target readership. Will have to make an audio drama of it so;)
Will do a (cough, spit) Amazon upload so I can load the Audiobook into Audible, and will link both here for anyone who wants to give the thing a gander via Kindle (y)
The Turd Prophecy is up to 23 on the Apple podcast list under fiction comedy. It's 3.5 hrs (or 19 episodes) of fairly unique science fiction messing if you are looking for a bit of May distraction. Have started work on a radio play version & will post here as it comes together. (y)

The Turd Prophecy by An Roinn Ultra
Just uplanded the story to Kindle. It was a surprisingly simple process. Might hit a roadblock yet if the review flags the turd of a cover. Hopefully that gives the green light for ACX and an 'official' audio-book release (which is the way I wanted to tell it). The story had been on my mind the last while and was sort of mentally blocking a new tale, so will be nice to have it formally out there to forget about.

...although, have episode 1 of the radio play version half complete -but that's really just messing;)
Adding the Amazon Kindle link below. Priced it in or around 5 notes -I'm not a writer by trade but I think that's fair as enough all nighters/ head scratching went into the tale to justify it (plus it's free if you follow the links above;). The story is based on real events, but they've been exaggerated and warped because the name of the game here is storytelling: *Mods, please strip out the cover if it's not appropriate (y)

The Turd Prophecy: The Third Prophecy of Hybobolus Clune eBook : Sexton, Brian: Kindle Store
Warp Speed Ahead ...a Star Trek micro drama which died a death online -wanted to do it with Sooty & Sweep glove puppets but couldn't find anyone willing to film it; will try bribing one of the kids later in the week. In the meantime it's a sort of 'Turd' promo. Plus comedian Jay Starliper does a great Jim Kirk:
..and a sort of promo for the Audible publication. Assuming they approve it; it can be tricky formatting the audio for them if, like me, you know nothing about the creative arts. PM me if you're in the same boat to save time and effort (it's handy enough once ya know how).

Anyway, I went up to the shoot for a budget SF thing called snake oil with the plan of using their spaceship set to record a promo, but it turned out green-screen doesn't work like that, so just shot something anyway. (!Some cursing)
Just linking the Audible edition, for anyone with an account and a car journey to pass. Reckon this has to be my favourite publishing method (even though it's a robot corporation). Lots to learn for next time round. Though this story will do the business if you were about in the 90's.:alien:

The Turd Prophecy on Audible

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