6.14: Smoke and Mirrors

Down w/ 'Stupid!Jack'!!

grrrrrr --

Esp since we all know he's not.

Like I said - they didn't try hard enough to 'convince' me that Jack could have done this. I'm sure he *could* have, but there wasn't enough 'evidence' to make this work -- (who knows what would have happened if this had actually made it to trial) ---
Why is the rest of SG-1 assigned to 'investigate' this? Does the SGC not have it's own JAG / Investigative group? I know it's not 'technically' a military bit, but the JAG ppl and their investigators (I don't know exactly how the military does it's investigations) could be just as 'discreet' - since they'd be SGC personel too - as SG-1 could be - moreso, since one of them probably wouldn't be a big honkin' alien w/ a gold tattoo on his head (not that I don't love Teal'c, b/c I do) -- this just didn't make sense to me - SG-1 is investigating and Earth-based crime just b/c it happened to Jack? um - still not buying this

The SGC is above top secret. Only those with the highest of military clearance are able to know it's existance. So i would inaginine not many of those would be investigators. The SGC could also have a clause in their chracter allowing them to have an Internal affairs department.

Okay - maybe my question wasn't clear -

SG-1 is a 'first contact' exploratory team - they're supposed to 'seek out strange new worlds' -- etc etc etc (and yeah - swiped the Star Trek bit) -- so, why are they suddenly investigating this 'murder'?

My question is - does the SGC not have it's own 'internal affairs' team / dept that would handle this?

Basically - I just don't buy the 'well, the show's about SG-1, so they have to do the investigating b/c we think it'll be cool' -- that doesn't fly with me -

esp since this ep wasn't written that well anyway - it was far too predictable - Lennie Briscoe and Mike Logan from L&O would have had this case wrapped up w/ a nice bow and handed it to Jack McCoy in a New York minute ---

The investigation was sloppy and they didn't even have to really DO any investigating - just run around talking to ppl they already suspected to be involved in this - ie: NID -

Sorry - still not buying it - it just doesn't *work* for me -
I can't remember, were they actually ordered to look into it? would have been more believable if they were just doing it on their own...like Jack when Sam went missing...
Yeah - Hammond said he was putting their off-world travels on 'stand down' or 'hold' or whatever so they could look into Jack's case --
maybe Hanny wasn't making it an order? ...or maybe he didn't trust anyone else witht the job?
i think that he just knew that they would not feel happy going off world and would be not for duty, and they would want to help Jack even if Hammond didnt want them to:rolly2:

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