Integral trees smoke ring

Ken Fabian

New Member
Aug 20, 2014
Hi, I'm someone who likes a lot of Science Fiction and have enjoyed a lot of Larry Niven's stories. Looking for people to talk about them with led me here.

These particular stories have both fascinated and frustrated me. There are things about them I really like, and I really want to suspend disbelief but there are things about them that make that very difficult. A free fall 'world' where people can survive and thrive is very enticing and these fired up my own imagination about what life might be like there but I found I had to re-engineer The Smoke Ring in my own mind if I weren't to abandon the world of imagination they had the power to open up. I'm generally able to suspend a lot of disbelief and tolerate inconsistencies. I don't want to simply attack the idea and ruin the stories for others with relentless criticism - like I said, there's a lot I like - but I'm curious what others who have read them think of the 'world building' and how well the storyline fits into it.

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