6.14: Smoke and Mirrors

Don't forget the line from Kinsey at the end: 'Smile, Colonel. You just won me the election.' Gave me the creeps.
I was very happy at the start, though: seeing my least favorite character get shot and (supposedly) killed at the start of an episode tends to make me feel that way. :D
Something is troubling me about this ep.

While Sam was picking the lock to Devlins house, why did Barrett feel the need to kick the door in?
It was almost like he knew there was a bomb inside...and if they took too long to get in, they would be char-grilled.
There were a number of other occasions where he looks sus too.

The point where Sam walked into the bathroom, I expected Barrett to pull a gun from the fridge instead of 2 bottles of water.
Am I the only one who thinks he's not as straight as he makes out?
RaTY I couldn't have said it better myself! I totally think there's sumthing sus about him, I smell a rat. I watched this ep yesterday and I soooooooo expected him 2 take Sam's gun when she put it down on the bed.

As a shipper I have 2 say I quite liked Barrett. He obviously fancied Sam and that 'What the hell are you doing?' bit after the bomb exploded had me ROFLMAO! He reminds me of Joe Faxon actually and I think the PTB did that on purpose. I mean, come on, flattery, trying 2 'protect' her, a hotel room with a double bed .... hmmmm haven't we seen this before, say, in about 10 years?!?:cool:

I reckon that the PTB are trying to annoy the fans. They have a guy going starry-eyed over Sam nearly every ep ( thus annoying the 'shippers!), they keep giving Danny fans a glimpse of him before taking him away again and Jack is slowly disappearing!
Methinks they are playing with us :disgust:
Jack said that there wasnt anybody else within 20 miles of his cabin, but Davies said a neighbour saw Jack dump the guns in the lake. Huh? Did i miss something?

I guess it was his neighbour that lived 20 miles over...:D
The point where Sam walked into the bathroom, I expected Barrett to pull a gun from the fridge instead of 2 bottles of water.
Am I the only one who thinks he's not as straight as he makes out?
I thought the water was going to be drugged lol.

Ah! But who said the lake wasn't right by the neighbours back door? Remember, it wasn't really Jack who dumped the bag, but someone who wanted Jack put in the frame for the murder.
Ah, an NID episode that is not only enjoyable (I usually like them!), but also manages to present the other three SG1-ers in a very favourable light, something this season has been hard pushed to do.

The doomed Barrett is great, in fact, I think I could watch quite a few eps worth of him and Sam sparring before I got bored. I think my favourite part was the ending - although I am not sure you have that time frame right Dave. Who's to say that the briefing wasn't taking place the next day? We know Kinsey was publicly 'dead' so the syndicate wouldn't have been watching for CNN to update them on whether the second attempt at execution was successful. I don't think Sam needed to do all the reprogramming in ten minutes.

I was also quite chilled by Kinsey's gratitude, it was quite satisfying overall, as when the ep began, I was thinking "No! They can't kill Kinsey, he has to be pres and create a lot more stickiness for SG1 in the future", but it was interesting that by the end the situation had come full circle, with Kinsey's future even more assured than it had already been.

I think Barratt is a shifty one, but I think and hope that this was more misdirection than anything else. When have you ever know NID men to be chat-happy, eh? I hope we see him again, but like the new tokra that was introduced a few eps ago, I hope he stays alive longer than average ;)
Maybe Sam (as Devlin) briefing the Syndicate could have been the following day. That would remove my plot flaws.

As for Barrett being "shifty" or "not as straight as he makes out", it isn't something that I considered until I read it here, but it's possible too. Do we know how Sam comes to know him? I don't recall him appearing before, but it may have been in 'Nightwalkers'.
I think all Sam said by way of a description was "he's an old colleague from Washington". I guess she could have come into contact with all sorts while working for the Pentagon.
We got Barrett being a suspicious bad guy friend in the NID and that could be interesting... We've got Kinsey back in the Presidential office with more of Jack's soul as the price... The Stargate tech isn't as secret as we thought, opening up all sorts of wonderful things to supposedly happen in Disclosure...

While this ep had it's ups, I have to tear into it for being the most shoddly thought out and filmed since Nighwakers:

How they managed to update the Devilin persona info into the mimic thing Sam used was mentioned on the thread...

How both Washington (with Sam and Barrett) and where ever that scientist was hiding (where Jonas and Teal'c were) had the same weather and lighting (Summer Vancouver with a drought going on... Or did I miss them flying to Washington somewhere along the way?) The time of day looked identical. Which means they were filming concourently on the same day in the same neighborhood. Duh. Money-saving filming techinque bites them in the ass...

How did they pull off the Jack impersonation out by the lake if the devices were in Washington? There has to be someone out there by his cabin that knows him by sight to have made the ID, unless it was all just rumor or planted info, which would have been disproved by a good trial lawyer preparing Jack's case.

Someone in the thread mentioned the SUV gas issue... Which was a hinge point in last week's episode! Last week they could track anyone, lock down whole towns in Colorado and inncoluate people for a chemical spill; this week they tracked a guy by a pharacutical database and they can't prove Jack was where he claimed he was?
i just saw this episode, i liked it, it was really good. but i have to agree with CynVision and every one else it did seem that there were several big holes in the plot. there was also some humor in the episode that i really liked. It would seem that this episode made up for the last two which i didnt like. the biggest problem that i have with this episode is Kinseys little line at the end, "Smile colonel u just won me the election." i find that very disturbing, i hope that he gets killed soon, because i dont think that the SGC would survive long with him as President:(
This was a great episode, I totally enjoy it. It was cool to see Teal'c and Jonas investigating together, I totally love this two as a team. Also enjoy Sam and Barrett work as a team. Also have to agree that it was cool to see Davis as a baddie, well, it wasn't him but a duplicate. Anyway he always is so a good guy that it was cool to see him play a different role. :lol:

Definitely love this episode, cool one.

Krystal :D
I will have to agree with Krystal. You've got a spot-on group of actors. And the nature of the show makes asks them to do some pretty strange things. I think that serves to make them better actors in the long run. It's just painful to see the production side of things slack when they got so much going for them in terms of talent.

Maybe I'm just doped up and somebody can explain this to me... Why would Jack have won the election for Kinsey? Nobody knows who he is! He had nothing to do with tracking down the real killer...he was in jail. Am I missing something here?

Edited to add...was it not a plot hole to anybody else that nobody considered the fact that a black ops would probably be more discreet than being caught on camara in the hotel and caught tossing the gun into the lake?
Okay - I haven't read any of the other posts on this ep...

So - here goes -- honestly? I wasn't all that impressed - it was too predictable and not just b/c I knew it wasn't Jack - but b/c there was no misdirection - whoever wrote this needed to take a page out of the 'classic Law & Order' script writing book on 'how to write the crime w/ a twist' - b/c this just didn't have it -

Sure, I could buy Jack having a moment of insanity and taking a shot at Kinsey - and that's about the only person he WOULD take a shot at, but, he would have planned it better - not been caught on tape, not left evidence everywhere - if the 'crime' part had been more subtle - it would have been better -

but this 'assassination' attempt was as laughable as the JFK shooting -- complete w/ Jack walking down the stairs - ugh - at least he didn't run to a theatre...

really - it could have been better - esp since the 'device' they used to move the plot - those mimic devices - we already knew about 1/2 of the ppl that the assassin could have been -

And that scene where the assassin got on the elevator - instead of SHOWING the guy putting on the mimic device, why not have him get on the elevator, then the doors close, then they open and Major D gets off the elevator -- would have been more 'mysterious' -- well, would have been if Sam hadn't said in the scene just before - 'Major D was one of the ppl mimicked' --

I just don't think they're putting as much thought into the plots as they could --- they're not holding me in like they used to -
Read the other posts now -

and there's something else that was bugging me -

Why is the rest of SG-1 assigned to 'investigate' this? Does the SGC not have it's own JAG / Investigative group? I know it's not 'technically' a military bit, but the JAG ppl and their investigators (I don't know exactly how the military does it's investigations) could be just as 'discreet' - since they'd be SGC personel too - as SG-1 could be - moreso, since one of them probably wouldn't be a big honkin' alien w/ a gold tattoo on his head (not that I don't love Teal'c, b/c I do) -- this just didn't make sense to me - SG-1 is investigating and Earth-based crime just b/c it happened to Jack? um - still not buying this --

This just didn't 'convince' me that Jack could have done this - all the 'misdirects' were too obvious --

Maybe I've just been spoiled by 13 seasons of L&O - but, really - a little more thought would have made this a better episode -

Not only that - but is there a reason that they're not going off-world? what's w/ all the home-based eps?? hmmmmmmmm
Bummer wrote:

Edited to add...was it not a plot hole to anybody else that nobody considered the fact that a black ops would probably be more discreet than being caught on camara in the hotel and caught tossing the gun into the lake?

Ya think?

You'd think *someone* would have mentioned that someone with Jack's training would be able to carry off a hit better. I mean, come on, you'd think he'd at least wear a baseball cap to block his face from the security cameras, or maybe a false mustache.

Could it be that they're so used to Stupid!Jack, that it never occured to them?

BTW, does anyone know why Carter was in *orangeface*?

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