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Not much more to add, except that things don't look too good for the Tok'ra after this.

Yeah Im starting to feel kinda sorry for the Tokra....I hope they are not going to make them all die off..Im like the Tokra and think that there are many more good storylines for them all! :D
The slaughter of Earth's allies may have seemed like a good idea back around S5 when S6 was going to be the end, but now with S7 and maybe a film in the works, I think the writers had better hang on to the Tok'ra, as well as the Asgard and the Nox. It probably wouldn't hurt if a few Tollan refugees surfaced somewhere.

Much as I credit our heroes with being able to do the "highly unlikely," I can't go quite as far as saying they can do the "impossible." Occasionally, alien allies are needed and the show shouldn't be so blithe in killing them off.
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...was it just me or was Teal'c smiling a lot in this episode?? ;)

No it wasn't just you - there was a lot of smiling, almost smug smilng - wonder wh? maybe Chris Judge was just happy to get an ep where he has a lot of talking to do !!!!

OK, one thing - if this cure has the side effect of destroying the immune system then it has the benefit and burden as if the human were carrying a Goa'uld symbiote yes? so, if the 'cure' is taken away the human dies because they have no immune system left.

So, much as the TokRa are not terribly happy with the Pangorans if they really can make an antidote then it will also free all the 'good' jaffa - they can kick their little baby Goa'ulds to the kirb, take the antidote and be free - sounds like a good way to stop the increase of the Goa'uld population.
Teal'c WAS smiling a lot - at times inappropriately I thought.

I agree with most of the previous posts that this is one of the best of the season, and that my main gripes are the two extra tok'ra deaths, and the queen's strange form. I also wondered about how we are supposed to equate her with Hathor - but then as someone pointed out, much of her 'mass' seemed to stay in the tank. I am reminded of the Alien queen in Aliens, who detaches from her womb when Ripley gets all kick ass.

Jonas was a little stiff in this ep, there were a few moments where his realisation of some important fact seemed like soap opera acting, the boy can do better - it was a little embarassing to watch.

Great to see the new Tok'ra dude survive yet another ep :D

I am not ragging on Jonas here - but was it just me, or would this episode have been perfect for Daniel? He is more of a sympathetic type, and the whole archaelogy bit was just odd, I just kept thinking 'that should be DJ, that should be DJ' - did you get a load of Teal'c doing the brushing thing? :lol:

It just felt that perhaps this episode was written with Daniel in mind, before he decided to leave, but for whatever reason was not made until now.

For all my griping, I really did enjoy this one, it really felt like it was getting back to what SG1 should be about - exploring & the Goa'uld.
I too thought Teal'c was looking a trifle pleased with himself about something - he certainly has loosened up these last few episodes.

Jonas - what a big headed know-all, he's getting right on my nerves. I work with someone much like him and sometimes I just want to STAB him.

Also that queen. What was that all about. I thought Hathor was a queen and needed the DNA of the prospective host to make them compatible. I wonder who contributed here. How all that queenly bulk fitted into that little Tok'ra woman beats me - you can't get a quart into a pint pot!

Halfway through I thought they alien folk might have a 'Soylent Green' thing going to keep them healthy.

All in all an interesting episode, but I did feel the loss of Daniel, he should have been doing the archaeology stuff. This season has been pretty good so far.

That's my 2p for what it's worth.
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It just felt that perhaps this episode was written with Daniel in mind, before he decided to leave, but for whatever reason was not made until now.[/B]

I think most of the first S6 eps were laid out with DJ in mind -- that's just the way most shows handle the writing. It takes weeks to get a story from concept to shooting script. MS left, CN came in, and the scripts had to be changed to handle a new character. So JQ's character is being shoved into the DJ mold, forced to fit because the scripts can only be tinkered so far.
I suppose MS did leave quite late on in the season, so they probably had a lot of future stories mapped out to some degree. It is a shame that they have been doing the square hole - round peg thing, Jonas has particular expertises that could easily be the basis for new stories. :(

Kind of ironic that my fave ep so far this season has been a terrible one for JC...
With the return of MS in S7, there will finally be a chance for JQ to become his own person instead of a forced reflection of DJ. Best of both worlds :D

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